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  1. Hi! I'd like to know what are your thoughts on do a radar handoff to a tower controller or a ground controller and vice versa. I think it's not necessary because those are non-radar positions and using flight strips is more useful (my opinion) but I heard opinions saying it's a good way to coordinate between ground positions. What do you think? Thank you!
  2. I'll try deleting it later. I would suggest using the newer version of the tool, http://new.vnas.net Great! Waiting for approval then. Thanks
  3. Hi I was controlling Gander and every time I go online I use this fantastic tool but there's is a little issue, nothing relevant but there are 2 flights which cannot be deleted here is the image http://ctrlv.in/923342 thanks for this great tool guys! See you on the North Atlantic!
  4. Hello everyone I have a little problem with my .ese file I've declared Mexico West Departure and I want to use MEX_40 and TLC_30 borders but when I connect as MMMX_DEP only MEX_40 being iluminated Hope you can help me on this matter. Thank you Position Salidas W México:Salidas Oeste:129.100:2M:D:MMMX:DEP:MMMX:DEP:1001:1077:N019.26.21.598:W099.04.00.599 Airspace SECTORLINE:TLC_30 DISPLAY:MMEX_CTR:MMTO_APP:MMMX_DEP COORD:N019.52.34.426:W099.35.53.116 COORD:N019.51.54.983:W099.36.37.815 COORD:N019.51.42.463:W099.37.13.652 COORD:N019.51.23.710:W099.38.03.539 COORD:N019.50
  5. Hello everyone I've been trying to enter to the VATCAN and Gander website but both websites are down is there any server problem?
  6. I have the same problem on VRC 1.2.4 I've verified the extension and is correct, is there another solution?
  7. Yo voto por seguir in the USA ! Saludos! Luis Mauricio Esparza Sanchez.
  8. Hello! We are proud to present our annual event, this time will be the day September 11 starting at 18:00CST 2300Z and ending at 24:00CST 0500Z we are very excited about this event so we hope you feel free fly and we will have coverage in Mexico ATC around the country. Fore More Info Visit Vatmex's Forum: Vatmex's Fly in Bicentennial
  9. My configuration for mazatlan center MMZT_CTR Regards
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