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  1. I fly quite often in the RW and I admit, I'm really lazy and reading hold short instructions, especially at the runway. We'll pull up and get, "N8740P, Naples Tower, hold short 31, traffic on short final." So I'll say "Roger" and then he has to take time out to say "N8740P, read back hold short." Doesn't "Roger" mean "I acknowledge and understand what you said."?
  2. Glad a selection was made. See you guys on a similar thread in 6 months to a year...
  3. So, how is the selection process going, Bryan? Any estimate on a time frame of sorts?
  4. FSX on that? No luck, sorry. You'd be looking at a slow sideshow, at best.
  5. Thanks for the info, Karl! You answered my question and more!
  6. Let me preface this question by stating that I am not an ES user, I just work on the files for my ARTCC so I go solely based off of the feedback of our users. For example, when an aircraft goes from CHI_CTR's airspace into C90 TRACON, it prompts the Center controller on which controller will be next, their sector ID, etc., etc. Which was easy enough for me to do when the border completely within another airspace. However, I am having trouble doing that for bordering ARTCC's. I'm being told that the border turns red and all that good stuff when the next controller is online. Unfortunately,
  7. Wow, that looks like one hell of a program, Juan! Thanks for the info. Blue Skies, Nick
  8. Juan, it's a privilege for VATSIM to have a member like yourself. It just blows my mind that you're able to do a flight and land manually, let alone do much on a computer. I, for one, am astonished at the fact that you can even type as well as you do. Would you mind explaining that? Do you have a braille keyboard or something?
  9. Andrew, please take heed to this. To be able to use this data would be amazing.
  10. I would like to echo Charan's last part. I thought I knew a lot about flying, and I still do, but the ZLA pilot certs have taught me a lot and I've only just completed the V-3 test. Good luck! Remember, VATSIM is a learning environment and we're here to enjoy our hobby.
  11. And yes, we did just break the $1000 dollar mark on our donated prizes, so be sure to register today! Ok, I'm confused. The initial posting says February 6th 0000Z-0400Z which is a Friday night from 7-11 EST. But the graphic says it's really February 6th 7-12PM EST which is February 7th 0000Z-0500Z. Could you please clarify so I don't miss out on this great event?
  12. Then why in the WORLD are you getting the G310!?!
  13. Those don't work, Tom. That's why I volunteered to forward the e-mail of the charts to people.
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