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  1. I fly quite often in the RW and I admit, I'm really lazy and reading hold short instructions, especially at the runway. We'll pull up and get, "N8740P, Naples Tower, hold short 31, traffic on short final." So I'll say "Roger" and then he has to take time out to say "N8740P, read back hold short." Doesn't "Roger" mean "I acknowledge and understand what you said."?

  2. Let me preface this question by stating that I am not an ES user, I just work on the files for my ARTCC so I go solely based off of the feedback of our users.


    For example, when an aircraft goes from CHI_CTR's airspace into C90 TRACON, it prompts the Center controller on which controller will be next, their sector ID, etc., etc. Which was easy enough for me to do when the border completely within another airspace. However, I am having trouble doing that for bordering ARTCC's. I'm being told that the border turns red and all that good stuff when the next controller is online. Unfortunately, it doesn't prompt them to handoff nor does it state the sector ID or whatever it's supposed to.


    In the ESE file I have outlined the neighboring ARTCCs and their different sector IDs and everything so the basis is there. I also have outlined the coordinates of the physical border between us and them. I figured, why don't I just C/P those coords into a sector definition. So I did that and was told that it got a "border not closed" error but it worked as intended. Unfortunately, I'm a perfectionist and am unhappy with an error, even if it works right. I would like to know what I have to do to do this same thing without an error. I've tried tons of things but haven't been able to come up with it.


    Any help much appreciated,

    Nicholas Taylor


  3. Juan, it's a privilege for VATSIM to have a member like yourself. It just blows my mind that you're able to do a flight and land manually, let alone do much on a computer. I, for one, am astonished at the fact that you can even type as well as you do. Would you mind explaining that? Do you have a braille keyboard or something?

  4. Hello!


    For the graphical airport-level stuff, like making the airport layouts, I wonder if it wouldn't be better to just take the data the X-Plane uses?


    X-Plane maintains a site that provides updated airport & navigational data. One of my side projects is to make a tool that extracts the navigational data (fixes, VORs, NDBs, and airways) into sector-file format, but there is one area that I can not do: I don't have the skills needed to convert the airport layout data.


    X-Plane's airport data is kept in a single, already-docomeented, text file. The airport data file contains everything about the airport that is no more than a few feet off of the ground. In other words, if you take an airport, remove the aircraft, vehicles, and buildings, what you have left is what is in X-Plane's airport data file. There are a few things we wouldn't be able to use (like taxi signs, for example), but everything else, from the airport layout to the taxiway edge lighting and centerlines, could be converted into sector file format.


    The reason I'm suggesting this is, not just because it means your sector file would match X-Plane scenery, it also means that you'll be able to use an already-existing tool to maintain the airport layouts. X-Plane has a companion tool called World Editor, which gives you a graphic interface for making airport layouts. You can make your airport layout in World Editor (or, more likely, enhance the existing airport layout), save the results, and run the airport data file through a converter.


    Unfortunately, the conversion is not as easy as it sounds. For example, every curve is stored as a series of Bézier curve control points. The conversion program would have to read the data and create a series of small line segments to create the actual curve. That, and other graphic stuff, is way out of my area.


    Andrew, please take heed to this. To be able to use this data would be amazing.

  5. I would like to echo Charan's last part. I thought I knew a lot about flying, and I still do, but the ZLA pilot certs have taught me a lot and I've only just completed the V-3 test.


    Good luck! Remember, VATSIM is a learning environment and we're here to enjoy our hobby.

  6. We in the east coast always seem to have this problem, which is why we always put a local time zone in as well. The event is Saturday, February 6th, from 7PM Eastern to 11PM Eastern. Converted to Zulu, its February 7th, from 0000Z to 0400Z.


    ... February 6th, from 0000Z to 0400Z (7PM Eastern to 11PM Eastern) ...


    And yes, we did just break the $1000 dollar mark on our donated prizes, so be sure to register today!

    Ok, I'm confused. The initial posting says February 6th 0000Z-0400Z which is a Friday night from 7-11 EST. But the graphic says it's really February 6th 7-12PM EST which is February 7th 0000Z-0500Z. Could you please clarify so I don't miss out on this great event?

  7. Saying that you will only be using FS2004 or FSX, I would recommend buying a Dual Core Processor because Flight Sim only uses 2 cores at max


    This is incorrect. FS9 will only use one core, and FSX can use up to either 64 or 256.






    Ya FS9 is only one core. But test done my PC Pilot and a bunch of other people say that FSX can only efficiently use 2 cores. That is why its such a problem.

    FSX can run up to 256 cores. Whoever told you that it only uses 2 cores is lying. That's why there is and was a quantum leap in performance from an old dual core I had to an i7 both overclocked to the same speed.

  8. Check your and his visibility range. Maybe if they are too small, he is not considered a next controller?

    I've personally controller with Rich when he's on APP and I'm on center. My visibility is 300, and I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume his is set at 150. That should be plenty, yet I receive no notification, nor does VRC that this tag has been updated. It still displays a /? on my screen and the FP remarks section isn't changed. If one manually enters a /T/ into the remarks of their FP, VRC will display the /T without me having to do anything. So it would be nice for EuroScope to have that FP update for better coordination with VRC controllers.

  9. I just got nHancer running on my system so FSX looks beautiful, but when I go to VRC it's really sluggish, blurry; so much in fact, it hurts my eyes. Is there anything you have to do to fix this or is it my fault?

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