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  1. Hi Yanick, AirCharts was a closed source project and the decision was taken by myself and Dan to discontinue the service. As of right now there are no plans to reintroduce the service although I'm sure that someone will be able to point you in the direction of a new replacement service. Many thanks Rahul
  2. The leadership. Become a network that embraces the changing landscape, don't fight it. Don't be dial up in a broadband world. Cheers, Rahul
  3. Ah Luke, I always do enjoy your posts and find myself agreeing with them. I'm not afraid to say that I have applied for one of these roles and you should know my motivation fairly well. I would reach out to all of you out here, even at a junior level. What we do isn't rocket science on the tech side, and there's so much help that is needed. Throw your names around and show some of that p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ion that is so obvious to see here. Change isn't impossible, but in the last 8-9 I've been here it's been improbable, for various reasons. The opening of the positions seems to
  4. I'll tell you what, I appreciate all the work that Christoph has put into this so far. He's really done a fantastic job and who could blame him for wanting to take a break (even if he does decide to check us out every now and again and see how the thread is going). I'll be more than happy to take the latest update that Sachin has provided and update it with any updates you guys have in the mean time. Once I have the first set of changes I'll provide you all a link to download and we'll go from there, I'm more than willing to keep this going as I still use VATSpy and will do as Accomeap
  5. Hi all, It's my pleasure to announce that after some hard work, a lot of prototyping, a fair bit of coffee and a few beers. Myself and Daniel Hawton are proud to announce we are ready to reveal our latest project, AirStats for VATSIM. AirStats is our brand new VATSIM statistics archive, we've only been logging statistics for a short while but we hope that we can continue to build on our platform to provide statistics for flights on VATSIM for the near and distant future. Our platform is still in it's infancy. It's nowhere near where we plan on it being at all. However we wanted to rele
  6. Hi Atthar, Where are you visiting from? It may be best to ensure that you can get a tourist visa for the UK and then book the tickets, however that is just a personal suggestion from myself. This UK website regarding standard tourist visa's may be of [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance. https://www.gov.uk/standard-visitor-visa Cheers! Rahul
  7. Looking forward to seeing all of you there! Cheers! Rahul
  8. Well, I was planning on creating a gem but looks like you two have it covered so far, put it up in a repo when ready and I'll help out as well Cheers! Rahul VATEUD7
  9. Svilen, While I agree that extracting into libraries is the way forward. When you don't own the sites on your box and are just a server host. You can only really recommend things for people to do, based on the consequences of them not doing so. Cheers RP
  10. Enriko, If my memory serves me correctly, Euroscope stores your personal information in the profile files. If you backed up your profile files and restored them, Euroscope would remember that personal information. Cheers! RP
  11. Have you tried loading it in compatibility mode? ASE works fine on my Win8 device. Cheers! RP
  12. I can't get to vatusa.net as it isn't resolving... I checked using some online DNS and NSLOOKUP services and they can't resolve vatusa.net either... Just to confirm I'm not the only one right? (Did someone forget to pay the bill?) Cheers! RP
  13. William, I was away on Friday and Saturday but expect an email in an hour or so. Just on the train back now. Muhammad, I'll PM you. Cheers! Rahul
  14. Hi All, Experience on network: Webmaster at multiple ARTCCs in VATUSA between 2010 and 2013. Co-founder and co-creator of AirCharts VATSIM Hit Squad Website creator - 2011 10 +/- years of experience with HTML, CSS, PHP (Procedural and OOP), MySQL, MS SQL, Postgres and Mongo 5 +/- years of experience with C# (ASP.NET MVC) 7 +/- years of experience with Ruby, 4 +/- with Rails, 2 +/- with Sinatra This offer has been withdrawn. Cheers! RP
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