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  1. Hi Andreas, thanks for the fast reply. Actually we were still using that in our VA to display the last flights performed by the pilots. I guess it's now time to update to VATBOOK... Duarte
  2. Hello, Eurobook website is down for a few days. I was wondering if someone knows anything about this Duarte
  3. Thanks for your kind words Randy! I agree with Miguel, since VATSIM is a hobby and we didn't get paid for our staff/examiners positions, the best "payment" is indeed a constructive feedback in order to enhance our motivation and make a continuous [Mod - Happy Thoughts]essment and improvement of our workflow. VATSIM PTD ratings are more than the ratings itself, both professionalism in the evaluation and pleasant from the candidate perspective can coexist in a way that the final goal can make a balance between fun and knowledge improvement, that's why they can be experienced from the most
  4. Hi Jacob, Welcome to VATSIM! Yes, it is possible and there is no problem at all. Follow this steps -> http://www.vateud.net/operations/how-to-join Have fun on the network! Duarte
  5. Hello Randy, First of all thanks for choosing Portugal for your P3 exam, I'm sure it will be an enjoyable experience. The Portugal vACC forum (http://www.portugal-vacc.org/smf/index.php) is suitable for any member of Portugal vACC either pilot or ATC. Since you probably are not registered you can't see all the topics and boards correctly. We offer also for non-Portuguese pilots the possibility to have all the necessary questions and doubts explained in brief TS3 chat any days prior the exam. Since you have done a quite good job in the preparation probably there aren't too many of t
  6. Hello Mats, Unfortunately I believe not at the time since it will probably invalidate some of the incorporated animations. I'll try to speak with our IT expert to see if there is any way to help you. Duarte
  7. Hi Phill, Thanks for your interesting report about your first flight. VATSIM is a learning environment and I'm sure after a few natural mistakes on the beginning (as we all did) you will be on your way to make a "perfect flight". Regarding routes there are plenty of options: You can use for instance VatRoute or Routefinder to get an online suggestion (In my opinion I would suggest VatRoute for European flights). There is also a more complex platform that will be requiring an extra study from you called SimBrief. Like I said it's a little more complex but has the advantage to have
  8. Hi Randy, In a very general way FRA allows operators to plan a more flexible DCT. For example in Portugal in a very short way you have something like this: I. Overflight traffic should plan directly from FRA airspace entry point to FRA airspace exit point; II. Arriving traffic should plan directly from FRA airspace entry point to the STAR initial waypoint; III. Departing traffic should plan directly from SID final waypoint to the FRA airspace exit point. More info here: https://www.eurocontrol.int/news/free-route-airspace-deployed-europe (A little old but helps explaining the
  9. Exactly as mine yesterday. I checked the timeline availability of the segment and since it's H24 should be not a factor. Maybe CFMU folks are reading our discussion and solving their issues Duarte
  10. Hello Patrick, I took a few time reproducing your routes and examples and here it goes what I found: I used the very same route and did only change the ACFT type and EQPT code to "my standard" ones. The first route was accepted with success both in PFPX and in the eurofpl.eu: http://puu.sh/a3qDD/fdaa1235e4.png However, the second route is a complete different story as I experience the very same error that you do: http://puu.sh/a3rh8/eba15a329c.png So, actually it's complaining that the segment is too long but it says that maximum is 0nm witch does not make any sense. I do agree on
  11. Hi Patrick, I'm not a controller on Madrid airspace as I control in the neighbor country - Portugal. I made couple of routes in last month for an event between LFBO and LPPR that flew under Spanish FRA and I think I noticed the very same behavior. Can you just put an example of one entire route that you're getting troubles? Duarte
  12. Wise choice for this position. Have fun and see you soon Florian! Duarte
  13. Thanks a lot to all Euroscope team for the effort and hours spend developing the update! Not installed yet but I'm sure it's fantastic! Hello Stefano, It's for ATC. It's an ATC client software Duarte
  14. Hello, The .cfg file should be around this directory: C:\Users\Bar\Docomeents Duarte
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