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  1. I've been away from Vatsim for some time and when I tried to connect, it immediately disconnected me. Using port 6809, and server, usa-w.vatsim.net. -- Did the server change? Thanks.
  2. HI Guys. I am looking for and cannot find a freeware Delta 757-200 for XP 9.7. I have found some planes that don't take the livery and vice versa, but not ONE plane with ONE current Delta livery. Can you send me a link? Thanks. -Bob.
  3. Both work. Thank you so much Mike. They must have just changed because the old servers were working just a couple of days ago! I don't routinely log in here so maybe I missed a notification of the change of servers? Anyway, thanks again. -Robert.
  4. Hi all. For the past two days I have been unable to log in to Xsquawkbox using the servers: usa-s1.vatsim.net or usa-s3.vatsim.net or usa-n.vatsim.net. On the s1 login, it states it is full with 12 users and to try another server to balance the load. But, none of the three servers work. Does anyone else have this problem? Thanks -Robert.
  5. Hi all. For the past two days I have been unable to log in to XSquawkbox. It says server is full (with 12 users) and to try another server to balance the load. But I tried all three servers, usa-s1.vatsim.net; usa-s3.vatsim.net and usa-n.vatsim.net and none connect. Was working fine two days ago. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks -Robert.
  6. Why is US Air's callsign AWE (what does it stand for) and why is it called "Cactus"? -Bob.
  7. Thanks for your time and the info guys. I will check it out. -Bob.
  8. Hi again. When you are flying an arrival, when do you select the active landing runway to fly to? I mean, its too late at the IAF, isnt it? You need to know the winds ahead of time to program the FMC towards the active runway. When do you look for the landing winds, and couldn't these change again before landing?? -Bob.
  9. Sounds reasonable Charan. I just wonder why are the altitudes published on the charts at all,, when in Real Life, you Always have ATC to tell you the altitudes? -Bob.
  10. Ok, but all the published instructions are [Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming there is no live ATC? I would usually want to set the various altitudes in the FMC for each waypoint based upon the chart. But, if live ATC is online, they just tell you, 5,000, expect 18,000 10 minutes after departure. And then once you reach 5,000, or even before, they tell you, radar contact go on up to 18,000. So, there is no point in setting the waypoint altitudes in the FMC at all, right? -Bob.
  11. I see. So, it depends upon the FMC and the plane whether it has that autothrottle capability. That would be nice, but I dont think mine has it. Oh well. -Bob.
  12. Thank Ryan. I understand that ATC goes before the published info. So, I guess regardless of what the SID says, if ATC says climb to 5,000 and then 18,000... that's what you do on takeoff, but follow the SID waypoints. Usually, ATC says "fly runway heading"... and then they contact you and tell you to start on the SID at which point you engage the flight director so the plane can follow the FMC? -Bob.
  13. Ok thanks.. somewhere along the line I got the impression that the autothrottle would adjust the approach speed automatically. -Bob.
  14. HI. I was playing around with the autothrust setting and wanted the autopilot to fly the plane automatically and manage the autothrust down to landing. Something went haywire when I approached the FAF I had the autothrust set to 250 IAS. I was established on the localizer and then the GS, but the autothrust didnt seem to reduce for landing. What was I doing wrong? Thanks. -Bob.
  15. Hi all. I have discovered the wonderful world of VNAV. Set the FMC to your waypoints and set the altitude too and voila! My question is: If the SID chart says you are supposed to be at a certain altitude and you pre-set that in the FMC.. how do you reconcile that when live ATC clears you to usually 5,000 or 6,000 and then up to your final altitude? Thanks. -Bob.
  16. Hi all. Often I fly online but no live ATC is available. So, when approaching a destination airport and finding out that the arrival runway is different from what you expected, do you: a). Get out your charts and modify the FMC to fixes approaching the new runway? b). Use the auto-ATC and just follow the robot instructions to the new runway? Thanks...-Bob.
  17. Thanks everyone. And thanks Wade for the plugin. I have downloaded it and will try it soon. Im currently flying a CRJ-200 which has the "regular" FMC in it like from planemaker. -Bob.
  18. I see. Thanks. I will try that. So, you leave the FMC engaged in flight, but just enter the modified waypoints and hit D and the FMC will immediately turn to the waypoint? Do I have that right? -Bob.
  19. Hi everyone. The question is: How do you manage the FMC when you have to change routes in flight due to arrival runway being changed? For instance, initially on the ground at the take off airport, I usually have my FMC set to the waypoints approaching the destination airport. In the air approaching the destination airport, the auto ATIS advises me that another runway is active. So, now I have to re-set the FMC in flight to waypoints for the arrival at that runway. So, I hit "initialize" again and set fixes. Unfortunately, the FMC's loc button didnt turn green and head for the new fixes.
  20. Thanks everyone. I guess the answer is #1. I will print out approach charts to all runways just in case. -Bob.
  21. Hi guys and gals. I am using X-plane on a Mac. I have a question about winds and runways. Let's [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume when Im taking off I check the winds and pick the take off runway most [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ociated with it. Also, I can use the ATIS which tells the take off runway in use. Now... on landings, on approach, if live ATC is not online, you use ATIS and that tells you winds and active runway. But, if you had set your flight plan and FAF to set up for 09 let's say.. and all of a sudden the ATIS tells you its now 12, and you only have 20 miles to go.. what do you do?
  22. Thanks everyone. I will use the COA701 from now on. -Bob.
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