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  1. Oh ok guys. Sorry im so dense. I will login as COA701 and say, Continental 701 when replying to ATC. I think that raps it up. I will not use the N701BR for anything. Correct me if im wrong again. THANKS! -Bob.
  2. Thanks Ernesto. So... I would login to VATSIM as N701BR, but speak to ATC as "Continental 701"? Is that right? -Bob.
  3. Ok guys, I think I got it. I would write in a callsign of COA701 when logging in to VATSIM, but for ATC use N701BR when speaking to them? Is that right? I don't fly for an online airline, but I'd like to recognized as Continental Express, which is my plane's livery. Thanks again! -Bob.
  4. HI all. How come some call signs I see online say "UAL1185", for example for United Airlines but my callsign says N701BR. I fly a Continental Express CRJ 200 and want the call sign to say "Continental Express 701", but it wont fit in the callsign login box for VATSIM, which is I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume how you do it? -Also, do you have to fly for an online airline to be able to have a callsign with the name of the airline? -Bob.
  5. Hi. Can someone give me the procedure for installing a CSL package from X-plane website into my MAC computer? Where do you drag the folder, etc? Thanks.
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