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  1. I don't control...just a Pilot, but it is always a pleasure to hear you on frequency Robbie. You keep her in the air my friend. Don't let folks discourage you from doing what you enjoy!
  2. I keep getting multiple disconnects from voice daily. Doesn't matter what server I'm on...i always get disconnected from the voice server. Is there any fix on this? Anyone else having this issue?
  3. I started back in 2006. Was on pins and needles. First flight was in stock MD 11 KORD-PHNL. Did it with a good friend of mine Jim Bishop. Everything went good till it was time to land......but since then I have over 15,000hrs and in school to become a RWP. Lot of good folks here that'll help at anytime!
  4. Yes. Absolutely. I don't know if you've ever worked a CTP on an oceanic position, but the less I have to talk, the better. It is absolute chaos when everyone is on voice. Ryan..you are so right!!
  5. If you never done Cross the Pond (or have done Oceanic crossing) this upcoming CTP 3/30/19 is one you should not be trying to get into. This is really a fast moving Event that honestly requires everyone to be on point (Pilots & Controllers) and knowing what they are doing. Like Don said..you don't want to become an interruption for ATC and other Pilots. Now you can practice...read all info provided on Oceanic crossings...NAT Track routing, how and when to get clearance (Oceanic), position reports. This week would be a good week to get online and do some crossings as the Oceanic C
  6. This is one event that I have always wanted to see happen. I really enjoy doing Cross the Pond and thought this one would be good too. KSFO, KLAX, KSEA to PHNL, RJAA, RJTT maybe...and have up to 100 slots? Thinkin out loud.....
  7. Hit the reset button on your internet box. Mine does that every once in a flight and once I do that..works fine...for another few days...lol
  8. Yea...just checked..still got 'No URL available in b status file' Thinking I should uninstall/reinstall? Did google search and that seems to be what to do. Though I'd ask first..... Thanks! EDIT.....My version of EFB was out of date. Downloaded new version...all good!
  9. Could this also have an effect on the AivlaSoft EFB? Been having a 'no URL Status b' file problem. Not reading any Vatsim data
  10. Agree. A baseline of basic knowledge is essential for any hope that a new member can use the network cooperatively with ATC and other pilots. I completely agree with this. Nowadays, I'm seeing pilots who have no idea what transponders, headings, radio frequencies, altitudes, etc. are at all, which completely disrupts traffic flow and disrupts enjoyment to other users significantly (think a 747 taxiing through buildings, taking off without clearance in front of a large queue of pilots on approach and waiting for takeoff and turning and changing altitude VERY erratically in busy airspace).
  11. That right there is the attitude most folks seem to be taking, but failing to understand that even 'games' have rules that must be followed. If the Controllers who volunteer their time must go through training to get their ratings, then Pilots if they want to fly on the network should be required to take whatever training is required to fly on it. Should be room for improvement for both. That way the 'game' would be fun for those who want to play, and the hobby (for those of us that actually come on to learn and get knowledge out of it) would be more enjoyable.
  12. Any body know of a fix...switching servers doesn't work for me
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