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  1. The FIR data is in a very similar format and it could be updated so as the airports. Not sure about the rest.
  2. Managed to implement OAuth2 with no problems. Able to use the only [?] call available which is https://auth.vatsim.net/api/user only for my own user
  3. Ok so for membership (division) we need them to be able to: - access comments [to validate previous subdivision assignments and region movements) - add comments [to report moving arounds or their denial] For supervisors (VATSUP): - access comments [to validate previous offenses] - add comments [to report actions on users] - suspend user [to effectively suspend users] Divisions and supervisors must be able to see email addresses.
  4. Well this is amazing. It does work with the "file.php" URL. What I don't understand is why the old URL stopped working and what makes the new one work. It seems they would just need to rename the file in their server and everything would have worked the same way. Nevertheless, thanks to both of you since the problem is now solved. Miguel
  5. I investigated further. My VA is sending the data like this: https://cert.vatsim.net/fp/index.php?lang=en&az=44890&1=I&2=MMZ128C&3=B763%2FQ&4=450&5=LPAZ&6=2049&7=FL340&8=DOKAS+DCT+38N020W+DCT+KOMUT+DCT+TABAX+BUSEN&9=LPPT&10a=2&10b=0&voice=%2FV%2F&11=PBN%2FA1B3B4B5D3D4++RVR%2F200+REG%2FCSTKT+SEL%2FESFJ+RMK%2FCALLSIGN+EUROATLANTIC+128C+OPR%2FMMZ+DOF%2F200328+RMK%2FWWW.EUROATLANTICVIRTUAL.ORG+RMK%2FCERT+P4+PILOT&12a=3&12b=15&13=LPFR&14=Miguel+Frias&15=1107190&16= Even if I clear the whole thing and type ever
  6. Thanks for the reply Mike. I did all that. I verified all fields. P[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word was inserted manually. If I type it wrong it does the same thing. Also tried different flight plans of course. Is the URL correct: https://cert.vatsim.net/fp/index.php (or https://cert.vatsim.net/fp/) It's just very odd since like I said I've been doing this for 10 years with absolutely no changes. Miguel
  7. I'm using my VA. It fills out the info as it has done for the past 10 years. I haven't been able to set up swift yet. Can only get connected as OBS due to model issues which I have not been able to understand how to solve. Miguel
  8. Andreas: I've always done it the same way, no changes in code. I tried it in my old PCs as well as in a Win10. Using Chrome or Firefox.
  9. Here is an example. I click "File flightplan" and it simply reloads the page, filled in: https://imgur.com/NrDKSml Remarks and/or route is a full standard line, like I've always sent. Tried removing them, same thing.
  10. What's wrong with the prefile page? https://cert.vatsim.net/fp/index.php Every time I click on "File flight plan" it simply reload the page with the filled in info but does nothing. Miguel
  11. Pssst... Miguel... It's time to start looking! Help!
  12. I will officially retire and base myself on VATSIM's pension plan! No... when that time comes I'll buy a newer PC (second hand - doesn't need to be the latest atom bomb). And enter a new generation.
  13. If my 13-year old PC gets upgraded to Win7 it will collapse for all eternity!
  14. Andreas, wasn't aware Swift was FS9 compatible. Even with Win XP?
  15. Yes it was similar to that. I had to paste one of the current servers. Apparently neither squawkbox not fsinn are picking up the updated server list. But in the end it worked that's what important
  16. I'm also having issues. Using Squawkbox FS2004.
  17. Approach CPT in July. Caladon Evans will be staffing LPPT_APP on July 2nd at 1930z. Come fly in LPPT and LPCS and help Caladon earn his S3 rating.
  18. Area control CPT coming up! Miguel Figueiredo will be proving his skills at LPPC_CTR (Lisboa Control) next June 26, 2019 at 1930z. Come fly at LPPT, LPPR, LPMA and LPFR or simply overfly our airspace to give enough traffic for our CPT!
  19. This could/should have been advertised as well at: http://cpt.vateud.net This is the VEFG group (Vatsim Exam Flight Group) which lets pilots who love to fly in CPTs know about upcoming CPT. Consider it for next time!
  20. Maybe that voice server uses an older version which did not have that field?
  21. There was a recurring issue which was identified and has been corrected. It should not happen again. I take the opportunity to request that if you ever find a service that is down, please contact VATEUD staff so that it can be resolved more quickly. Suitable email address for that are: [email protected] Or myself, Deputy Director or Director. Miguel
  22. Michael, You can prefile your flightplan up to 2 hours before actually logging in and starting your flight. When you log in, it will automatically be there for you. Alternatively you can log on first and send the flightplan to VATSIM. It will be valid as long as you remain online. If you want to disconnect for a break and come back later you will have to resend the flightplan. This is because the flightplan is lost 3-5 minutes after you went offline.
  23. Benjamin, it's around 2 to 3 minutes. If you do it like I suggested you'll get the maximum update possible: POLL every 60 seconds but only get the HEAD of the HTML to compare. if equal then don't donwload further. Otherwise, new data is ready for download. And... very important... go round-robin or random throughout the servers. Don't stick to one so that the load is balanced.
  24. Benjamin, Now that you have an answer from Kieran, what most people do is get the data from the data servers and interpret it. As you said => yes this renders a not-so-accurate amount of information. But you do have the logoff time, just depends on how you program it. For instance, I have something programmed that does this: - check the data feed every 2 minutes. If the HTML header is the same, ignore (no change yet); otherwise download the newest data feed - check data with my own database that saves atc comeulative logged in time: pseudo-code below FOREACH data_fee
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