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  1. Me podrian informar, cual es la diferencia entre ambas aerolineas, yo tengo 113 horas logeadas con Copa Virtual Saludos. JMM
  2. First of all, good morning. I´m in a big dilema, I have introduce a friend of mine to FS world, and now, I cann´t help him. I don´t know what does he does, or what button does he touch, but whatever aircraft he chooses, it started with the left engine running. I will appreciate any guidance. T.I.A. Jose[/img]
  3. Felicidades Andres. Tienes planificado para fin de año estar on-line? Estoy volando para Copa Virtual, haciendo KLAX-MPTO, MMMX-MPTO, me gustaría saber que fin de semana tienes planeado estar on-line, para tener cobertura en el vuelo
  4. Saludos Prueba en este site, no las tiene todas, pero algo es algo. http://www.costaricaaviation.com/charts/charts.html
  5. Saludos Jorge, prueba este site, para ver si te sirve de algo. http://www.navfltsm.addr.com/vfrcharts.htm
  6. First at all, sorry if this question don´t belongs to this forum, don´t know where to look for answer. I just installed a new motherboard on my computer, meanwhile, I buy a new yoke, I installed my old CH Virtual Pilot (gameport) in my WinXP, FS2004. found the latest possible drivers for this yoke. So far, so good, FS2004 recognize it, calibrated it, as said, so far so good, but, to my surprise, all commands were wrong, when bank to left, the plane bank to right, when pull the yoke, the plane head down, even the throttle were wrong. I uninstall it, install again, calibrated again, and the
  7. Saludos y buenos dias. Me podrían informar, en donde, se pueden obtener cartas de Ecuador y Peru. T.I.A.
  8. Gracias Ariel, justo lo que buscaba. Jose
  9. Buenos dias, revisé en el site, y no encontré el diagrama de SKBO. Alguien que lo tenga, me lo pudiese facilitar. Gracias
  10. Thanks Fred and Tom. I already have downloaded that approach, I was just wondering about ILS. But anyhow, if it is the only way those real big jets land over there, we have to do the same. Wish me luck, I will try to flight from TJSJ tomorrow.
  11. Does Princess Juliana Intl. (TNCM) has ILS?
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