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  1. Found a solution using data from http://vatsim-data.hardern.net/
  2. I was using the api.vateud.net to pull out ATIS information in XML format for my EFB. Very sad that this is not working anymore. Is there anyway I can get this information now ? Here is an example from a old version of my EFB
  3. There is a interview with our VATGOV1, Gunnar Lindahl, done by VATSIM UK. And there is also an interview with ATC Training Director, Andy Ford.
  4. I belive the TAB key is reserved by X-Plane 11. XPD-7493 Disallowed binding commands to the Tab key since it’s used for setting keyboard focus. https://www.x-plane.com/kb/x-plane-11-00-release-notes/
  5. Hi Ive been flying online since SATCO and then VATSIM. And Im now a bit concerned when POSCON was announced. I like to stay with VATSIM, but I "fear" many users will switch over. And make less traffic on VATSIM (and IVAO). I dont think the community is big enough for 3 free networks. I really hope to see some changes on VATSIM in the very near future. Especially the voice codec. My main reason for being a "text-pilot" is because of the poor sound quality. The new codec/filter that PilotEdge has now for x-plane sounds awesome. Another thing is people flying online without usin
  6. Thanks for this event. It was superb. I had 2 departures and one arrival during this event. Also made this time-lapse.
  7. I can report back that all went very well.. smooth as butter..
  8. Hehe.. I will report back what happend when I get there
  9. Good evening all.. Im on my way to EHAM for the event this evening. Looking at the ATIS for EHAM it says "voice only". What does that mean ? that text pilots (like me) won't get any service ? Does VATSIM have a rule that says that text pilots won't get any service in some events ?
  10. Hello I have one issue with 1.3.2 that you maybe could take a look at for 1.3.3. I have bind my 'Q' key for showing who's online. The problem is when I enter text that include a 'Q' it will just toggle the Show Who's Online. And not enter the Q in the chat. This is working in 1.3.1. Edit: Tested with XP 10 and XP 11
  11. From the manual If you want to trouble-shoot plane models, you can type: .debug models=1 .debug matching=1 .debug csl These commands are explained in the XSquawkBox CSL SDK, which you can download from http://www.xsquawkbox.net/.
  12. No, but as I understand it will be fixed in next version. viewtopic.php?f=109&t=73556
  13. Im doing some tests, but its working as expected now. So will let you know if this is happening again. Thanks.
  14. This was with default CSL. I can provide you some logs and detailed information later today.
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