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  1. Outstanding! You just might get a Connie coming for a visit soon!
  2. In. I'm leaving the GPS in the trunk of my car, though. Radio, eyeball, or nothin'.
  3. Now THAT is a stabilized approach! Get her slowed down & trimmed out at, say, FL390.
  4. Maybe their intended departure is runway-specific, and they don't want to reprogram their FMC.
  5. ...and their Android app rocks. Nice having any chart on hand at the drop of a hat.
  6. It's all how you look at it. 1) it could be an argument or 2) it could be an open discussion with opposing views. Personally I see more discussions than arguments. NEGATIVE, there cannot be conflict on the forums!! Oh yeah? Says who? j/k
  7. Works great on my Droid X! Thank you Oliver, for a great app!
  8. I'm sure the region has it's share of challenging approaches/departures. Might be nice to throw the pilots a curveball.
  9. Maybe a series of hops, tying in little-known fields with the bigger facilities?
  10. You are welcome! To be honest, this all started with my first online Round-the-World, in the Fs9 default Vega. I stopped at M[Mod - Happy Thoughts]awa because it was a convenient jump-off point for the long haul to the Maldives, and because Amelia had stopped there on her trip. It was windy and getting dark, and it wasn't an easy landing. I found out that field was closed IRL, and there was a new one nearby...but no scenery was available. And I had neither software nor clue how to make one. I had read about the region, and found it fascinating. I finally decided I had to do it, and t
  11. You're welcome, but Christian Iber was a huge help as well; the info he was able to give regarding gate layout & parking was crucial. To be honest, I feel I should have mentioned him in the Readme. At any rate, I'd love to see this field get some action online!
  12. Update; Scenery is uploaded to flightsim.com and avsim.com. Creating the scenery was one thing; eliminating the old was quite another. I accomplished this by removing a 4-airport default .BGL, and replacing those fields manually. Everything needed for this is in the package, including a replacement default .BGL file to put everything back. With the addition of 3 object libraries (listed in the ReadMe), it's ready to go. Hope you like, enjoy! Steve
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