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  1. Glad I could help. Here are my settings. Maybe they can help
  2. You can maybe try and change AA and AF settings. Do not use the inbuilt FS9 option, try using nVidia Inspector if you have an nV card or an ATI equivalent.
  3. Signed up Air Serbia We are the first VA! Looking forward to the event. It was great last year.
  4. I flew in a cockpit more then a few times and you can't get that effect of a RL radio on VATSIM. Comes close, but not perfect. Just enjoy what you have. If you want to hear some RL comms I recorded check http://skysim.net/sava/atc_com.mp3 If you have QuickTime you can listen to it from the browser, if you don't, right click>Save as. I haven't cut out parts where it is silent so sorry for that This includes Belgrade ACC, Approach and Tower
  5. phpVMS is also a good option. It is free and you only need hosting/domain. But you can also get that for free. I highly recommend it! Good luck!
  6. 1. phpVMS for sure 2. You can check the phpVMS forums, I noticed some of the guys over there are doing free repaints. In the end, you can try and make them yourself.
  7. There was something like this And I asked the developer to share it but it didn't work out in the end. I will look into this further when I get home as I really need it again...
  8. That is correct. If you haven't flown for a VA before, you put in 0.
  9. I got the Plantronics Gamecom 377 some time ago, still like new. It has a strong cord/cable and your ears dont't get hot when using it I highly recommend it if you want a durable, high quality headset.
  10. Its a bug with W7. Just right click the empty white area
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