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  1. TiJayFLY did a real good video on it.
  2. Yep. There is nothing like it. Never has been. Never will be.
  3. Congratulations on the Virtual LH website as well.
  4. I got one of the FSX add-ons. A different feel to it than the stock model. I like it.
  5. Not that landing an F/A-18 on a Kiev class aircraft carrier is something that could be done to begin with, which it can't.. It's just the fact that, for practice sake, if you can even get in a good zone with this thing, something like the Roosevelt or Nimitz will look like the wide open spaces to you in comparison. 🙃
  6. Ever since I got these carrier add-ons, I've wondered about the radar panel, and if it is similar to what controllers on VATSIM use. Or wherever ATC is. Since I've been online, anywhere, I've had no takers, so no "learning" experience for me. The ship is leaning hard to port isn't it? Translation: DO NOT land. Wave off, and fly around for awhile until further notice. 🙃 Anyways, since I don't know anything about ATC, and just curious about it.
  7. Anyways, I just skipped right on over the obvious part of all of this. The Vpilot thing, whatever connection to whatever server there is, Squawkbox 4, which had some type of model facsimile, better than nothing of course, or the "model matching" ranted on here about, means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Either I have EXACTLY what you have, the SimObject, and EVERYTHING that goes with it; whether it's your sailboat, plane, it doesn't matter. If I don't have what you have, I ain't gonna see you using it. All I will see is some representation, more or less, and most of the time, vague actually, of what you
  8. This thing ain't easy to land on. Not for me. And certainly not in the F/A-18. 😬 I would like to see anybody else do it though. I'll tell you what. I'll set back in my sea plane, closer to the water, and watch anybody else on here try it. Go ahead. It would be fun. After a couple ramp strikes and so forth. A bit of advice. Always know where the jettison handle is. 🙃
  9. I had to stop it right there. This is absolutely beyond the pale. What pale, is anybody's guess. 😆
  10. And you could also intermingle listening in on the following along with your reading as well, right? https://www.liveatc.net/ Certainly. Thew philosophy is pretty simple. To keep a semblance of order in the airspace, and hopefully, out of the airspace, AND, being as predictable as you can be. You're not an expert at stealth, like my cats, that will never allow you to see them, until they feel like allowing you to see them, with reflexes and speed people can only dream of having. You WANT to be seen, and you want to see them, don't you? That's the whole point of ATC in a nutshell. You wan
  11. Oh, sure. If I was just starting out with this thing, flying and so forth, I would go to X-Plane, no problem. It's taken alot of work, trial and error, and everything else, to get all the stuff, the add-ons, resolve connection failures, you name it, just to get all of this the way I want it. I really don't want to go through it again with MSFS. I was at a point, more than once with this deal, where I just about gave up on this thing completely. Don't want to go through it all again.
  12. If you would like some really cool add-on scenery besides your sail boat, I highly recommend Javier's aircraft carrier scenery at Pensacola, or the KNPA area itself. Actually, I got it all, including the cool KNPA scenery also. That's why I keep using FSX. It's not the product, but it's what people have done outside the product itself, and all the work that went into it, that makes this thing special.
  13. I don't know if the 2020 thing can "beat" FSX, or not. Since I already like what I have, the add-ons I have; and since I've already seen the 2020 videos, I'm not interested in going out and buying the thing, and the hardware it takes to run in, in order to find out.
  14. Yes. In fact, I can. It's called KSFO. There controller will actually tell you whether, or not, to announce your downwind leg when flying VFR for your touch and go's. Just stick to your pattern. Besides my own home port, KFSO has been about the most user friendly controlled area I've ever seen on here. Plus, quite a few options to break things up, such as going to Moffett field. It doesn't get any better. That way, you will be in touch with KSFO and/or Oakland constantly till you get the hang of whatever it is that you're trying to get the hang of. I don't know what the "issue" is with thi
  15. Dassault's Rafale is the most responsive aircraft in the world. From low, to high end. Period. And, unlike Douglas' flying truck, known as the F-4, you'd better be ready for what happens when you push on the throttle of the Rafale. I assure you. As far as flying on here, or anywhere else, any F/A-18, or Mirage, cruise along quite nicely at 165 kts. Therefore, I don't see what flying on VATSIM has to do with anything. Both the F/A-18, and F-16, for that matter, use regular airports in the world, whenever. You just have the superior climb rate to get to the initial altitude, and turn radius t
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