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  1. Website URLs are dead. Is this VA still operational?
  2. Please note that the VASO department is currently operating under restricted access due to a change in our administration console location that is being moved to a new location. During this transition we are unable to utilize our standard system for processing applications, audits, and communication with individual VAs. We are sorry for any inconvenience this disruption may cause and hope the wait to full operation will be a short one. In the meantime, if you need assistance please direct a message to: t. [email protected] --civilian VAs [email protected] --Special
  3. From your description it sounds as if ATC dropped the ball on this one. You do not say if the controller was also in contact with the other pilot and reporting your position and inquiring as to whether that pilot also had a visual on you. What you describe is a very rare occurrence on the network-keep joining us and I doubt you will encounter anything quite so dramatic in the near future!
  4. In this instance the situation was resolved by updating to the v 1.5 of the Ejets from v 1.4.
  5. X-Pilot recognizes what frequencies I have tuned on COMM1 and COMM2 with all the aircraft in my hangar except for the SSG E Jets 170/195. Those used to work just fine but recently their radio selections do not populate to X Pilot and therefore radios do not connect to the network with these aircraft. I suspect it is an SSG problem but have had no success tracking down a solution with that so am posting here to see if anyone has had a similar problem with SSG or other products.
  6. sorry about the lack of information. This is occurring with the SSG E170. I have included a screenshot. Left side shows radio stack and right side is the XPilot window. In the screenshot I am tuned to 122.80. I had another shot showing that I had tuned to 137.15 the FTW_CTR frequency. Regardless, as can be seen from the XPilot window, no matter what frequency I have tuned no radio shows up in the blue box. The good news is that it seems to only be an issue with this aircraft. Zibo 738 works as it should. So I will be checking with SSG folks for further clues.
  7. I have connected to the network and the voice server and am able to populate the Nearby Controller list and receive PMs from controllers, however, the blue COMI COM2 box at top left does not display any frequencies and I am unable to receive comms or xmit although I have confirmed I have radios properly tuned in the aircraft.
  8. Even more effective...and quicker is to grab a pen and paper😉
  9. It remained as "None"until I pressed the button which then showed as "Joystick Button 14" in XPilot. But I also noticed that when I press the "Clear Current PTT Assignment"button the assignment will jump to "Button 16", "Button 18", "Button 20", etc. After reading your message I kept cycling the button and it went thru to Button 27 and then to Joystick Button 1 which is the reference X-Plane uses for that joystick button. I did a voice test with that assignment and it works just fine. Thanks for the tip.
  10. I do not believe that to be the case. I pressed the button to choose the PTT assignment (button on back side of the left yoke horn) which is what I have been using in FSX and XPilot registered the button as the PTT assignment. The problem was that once I transmitted it did not release on the frequency even though the button clearly was no longer being pressed or in the pressed position.
  11. I have used my Honeycomb Alpha yoke with vPilot for quite some time with no problems. I used X-Pilot for the 1st time today and set up the same PTT button the yoke. It worked all too well as ATC reported I had a hot mike. The button itself is not sticking and I experimented with another button the yoke to use as PTT with the same result-mike stays open regardless of action taken. I have resorted to using a keyboard key to xmit but it is not as efficient or handy as the yoke button. Curious as to whether anyone else is experiencing this issue with the Honeycomb yoke.
  12. "Can't wait for the next chance I have to do it again." I think you mean Can't wait for the next chance to do it again." Utilizing ATC, while a requirement for IFR or Class B VFR is just an enjopyable experience whether necessary or not.
  13. Martin: Apologies for the lack of response. We were in a transition period as the Director of VA Relations had stepped down and his replacement had not yet taken over. If you would still like to submit an application please do so by contacting Tim Wong at [email protected]
  14. I was informed that it was guaranteed to be a 'typing the p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word' problem and indeed, after ensuring that I was correctly capitalizing what needed to be I was able to gain access.
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