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  1. Makes sense now. Because even when I restarted euroscope it would automatically load the old sector file before I could tell it to load the new one because of it autoloading the last profile/asr file used
  2. SOLVED For some reason when I would open the "load sector file" window, euroscope would only see the original .sct2 file and not the version I had been editing. Guess it helps to make sure its loading a file that was modified today and not a few days ago. Also decided to run euroscope as an admin too.
  3. Weird... Commenting out all those runways had no effect. They're still listed in the active airport/runway dialog window
  4. So perhaps move the ones needed to the top of that section and comment out all the other runways? Should I use an underscore instead or just a single plain space between the ICAO code and airport name?
  5. Right, I did that for only like 4 airports in the whole list, but even those aren't labeled in the column.
  6. Ok, so here's my dilema. I was always a user of VRC, but have been slowly transitioning to Euroscope. The problem is that the ARTCC i'm under doesn't use Euroscope as their primary client; which means that my modified POF to ESE file isn't really optimized very well. I took it upon myself to start writing my own ESE file based on the contents of the POF file and the tutorial/guide on the Euroscope wiki page. When i open the "Active airports/runways" window, i'm presented with all the runways in the sector file, but NONE are named/labeled according to what airport they are at. Gran
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