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  1. Except that I would expect a client as xPilot tto give some hint on what is what. Certainly because it is US specific knowledge. But anyhow thanks for the info. Becasue of the equipment codes BGR being in and W not, it will be /G according your list.
  2. I have set "Automatically squawk mode C on takeoff" But at takeoff it sets the transponder to "ON" which is mode A It should set it to "ALT" which is mode C I read somewhere else reports that only "ON" sends altitude to Vatsim, It should send that information in " ALT" mode. This is a major reality bug in xPilot. (Tested with default C172 and xPilot I can not see in the app, but I just downloaded it this morning, so most likely
  3. The equipment suffix is a US invention, not ICAO. What should I use as suffix for a plane/pilot with the following ICAO flightplan equipment codes: item 10: BGRDFSYZ/S item 18: PBN/B2D2C2O2S1 NAV/SBAS I think it is /G according https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equipment_codes although it seems to be for US domestic flights only.
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