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  1. I have that issue also.. my temporary fix is to just unplug the hub's usb which runs to the PC, and then replug it. Instead of doing all the devices individually. Also a powered hub which i don't plug into AC power.
  2. tried reinstalling and confirming that it was installed as admin, went thru setup again and its working. So that may have been the issue. Thanks
  3. Yes i sure am ! its just really strange that the PTT key sticks. I hope it's not an isolated issue !
  4. Hey got everything running. How can i set it though so that it doesn't have to be the "active" window in order to transmit on frequency? If i am using FSX as the "active window" on my primary display, then i can't transmit. So i click vpilot and then i lose the sound from FSX. Also, when i do transmit.. my mic stays stuck "on" and i have to switch freq and then back in order to stop transmitting. :S THanks !
  5. I am having the same issue at the moment. so if i want to talk to vatsim ATC i have to have the client as the "Active" window and at that point FSX sound goes away. im browsing the forums for a solution.
  6. Just installed the new client. i was up and running in under ten minutes. everything works great. Very excited about this ! can i now uninstall FSINN and Squawkbox ? i think i could hey? And any body know if there's been talk about support for model matching MytrafficX since May02nd? Seems like that would be a huge undertaking givin then amount of models in that package! :s
  7. I thought for some reason that my ch yoke came with its own calibration software... cant recall though.
  8. Hey could somebody from buffalo airways who uses TS3 reply to this thread please? I am looking to get into flying the DC3 on fs economy and would like some input on the plane. If we can meet on TS that would be even better. thank you!
  9. i have this same issue. and all i do to bandaid it is i unplug the usb hub power briefly before starting flight sim, then replug it. windows dings and recognizes it and im good to go. but would be nice to have a permanent fix. but this works.
  10. I don't know if i found a solution, but i ended up getting a 2gb nvidea 640 card, and now i don't have the issue.
  11. Have the same issue,with VatSpy and a Nvidea GTX250. Not all the time, but maybe 20% of the time.
  12. I use a dual core, 3 GHZ machine. 4 gb ddr3 ram, and a nvidea gtx250 card. no overclocking etc.. and i am able to hit anywhere from 25-75 FPS depending where i am. Toronto city center airport, i achieve about 25 fps , same in vancouver. other less dense areas are higher. not maxed sliders, but still pretty decent! windows 7 64bit too. just swtiched over last 2 weeks. works fine. and i use dx10 preview too.
  13. i am also looking to share a flight. I have successfully shared cockpit flights before wiht addon carenado aircraft even.. just not over VATSIM.. only gamespy. Contact me / reply if you guys are interested!
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