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  1. airnav is a great resource for charts https://www.airnav.com/airports/
  2. Really? Taking it away from people that aren't easily confused by shiny things seems odd. How many of these people are there? I liked this function.
  3. I stopped flying events a few years ago because of the unrealistic congestion. I now look at the vatusa calendar and fly as far away from the events as possible.
  4. It isnt in their pulldown for the controller list in the feed back form. Only names. Had some great ATC recently and I couldn't use the feedback form
  5. When controllers use the Vatsim ID as their name I cant leave feedback for them
  6. You just have to avoid traffic. Don't [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume it's the other aircraft's responsibility. What do you do if you are both converging on a VOR and you both are at the correct altitude for the direction of flight? Without ATC its VFR on here. If someone was private messaging me with FAA regulations I would most likely ignore them too.
  7. RIP. Thanks for the contributions to flightsimming
  8. Had the same issue. Not sure why it stopped. Aivlasoft says that they don't support v1 anymore but can't host the simple 2 files? Anyway a friend showed me where to get them yesterday. PM me and Ill send them to you
  9. I have had ATC contact me via text after they couln't reach me even while on their freq. I spoke with them prior. If I change the channel and then back it works for a little while. Any thoughts on what might cause this?
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