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  1. You first have to connect to a server. I believe they are named: USA-W USA-S USA-SE. There are others, but I can't remember the names. Once you're connected, you have to file a flightplan. In that form, you will find an area to enter remarks, etc. As for headsets, I don't think it matters. Sorry I can't answer the server question completely. -J
  2. One hundred percent sure. I've used voice with the exact same controller before. I just couldn't hear him, though I think he heard me.
  3. Normally, when connecting to Ground, a message will appear saying connected to voice. But when I have the past two times I've flown, it hasn't, and I couldn't hear ground. Oddly enough, this appears to apply to Ground only, as I could hear Tower and Departure just fine. It could be the same type of thing as mentioned in the "Possible Bug" thread, but I've tried switching frequencies, and it hasn't worked. There wasn't anyone else to connect to, but still. I really appreciate any help you can give.
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