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  1. Sequencing a stream of arrivals onto 35R at LIMC Screenshot from the Tower controller
  2. Screenshot of some traffic during last night's Focus on Genova
  3. In private message to one pilot, "flying" with a friend. O [21:06:00] >> Stop taxiing [21:06:16] >> Please return to a stand. O [21:06:20] LX340: ARE YOU CONTROLLING THIS AIRPORT [21:06:33] >> Yes. O [21:06:38] LX340: BYE THEN [21:06:41] >> Bye.
  4. Padova is not a FIR, it is a portion of airspace delegated from Milano (LIMM) ACC to Padova (LIPP) ACC. LIMM FIR includes both LIPP and LIMM ACCs. The sector LIMM_N_CTR, on 127.450, provides top-down coverage for both LIMM and LIPP ACCs if LIPP_N_CTR is not online. LIPP_N_CTR can be opened independently however when online it only covers LIPP ACC. Here you can see a detailed diagram of LIMM FIR. Hope this helps
  5. A nice evening, with some VFR LIPP_N_CTR (Padova Radar)
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