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  1. Thank you very much. The program works and all done now! Thank you!
  2. by hand? there are tons of lines. Ok, I got the code for C++, but it only allow to convert one coordinate at a time...
  3. Well the reason why I am asking about conversion is because year ago I read a turtorial on how to make GEO data out from NOAA site.. Now I can't find this tutorial, but I know there was an easy way to accomplish this task. Maybe someone has done it before? From VRC site.. Coordinate Formatting: Every section uses latitude and longitude coordinate formatting. To specify a coordinate, you provide both the latitude and longitude for the point, using degrees, minutes, seconds, and decimal seconds. These values are separated by a decimal point. Latitudes must be prefixed with an N o
  4. Thank you, I would like to have some more help with the extraction. When you see the map, you zoom in to location you want to extract, click Accept and then I don't know what to choose from following options: Coastline database: 1: 70 000 / 1:250'000 / 1:2 000 000 Compression method for extracted ASCII data: None GNU GZIP UNIX Compressed ZIP Coast Format options: Mapgen Arc/Info Ungenerate Matlab Splus Coast Preview options: No preview GMT Plot Can you give me an advice here? ---- Upd.: Ok I went one step further, extracted coastline 1:2 000 000 and got t
  5. Hello, How to extract a bit of this coastline and get it into sector file? http://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/mgg_coastline/mapit.jsp Help.. Regards, Martins.
  6. SOLVED! I solved it by adding an exception in Symantec FWall. Hello all, I was checking on older voice problem posts, but so far with no success, so I found it appropriate to continue this one instead of making a new post. I have got the ES running on notebook with Symantec FWall along side with it. I can connect to the VATSIM, np, I can establish text comm, it is fully working, but when it comes to voice, problem emerge. Voice channel icons are all green and they are up and running (TX,RX), I hear incoming pilot transmissions, but they don't hear my outgoing //strangely I can hea
  7. No firewall, its disabled. Forwarded 3290 .. lets see. Ok, they hear me , but I dont hear them.
  8. Yes Yes, they change to red when I push PTT. When Pilot comes in it does not change to red. Yes, I see them all. Its silent. But I do see all his pilots in the list. Maybe this have something to do with Port Forwarding? I have Tomato WRT on Linksys WRT54GL Router.
  9. Hi all, I have problem with voice. I set up voice in box , it works, text mode work , but over voice nobody hear me, nor I hear them. What could be the reason? When I reinstalled ES, they heard me, but I did not hear them. Thank you.
  10. Okay, but PC hangs up a bit and I really don't like that time out error.. and it takes too much time for me while VRC preforms version check.. Why it can't use the last-cached server list? Is there a way to disable version check during VRC startup? Btw ... The newest, under development version of VRC sounds to be promising.. What other new features are there to be implemented in it? Thnx.
  11. Hi all, I am using VRC as primary radar display and every time I start the VRC it Loads Network info.. and performes version check.. and this process isn't allways a success. Is there any possible ways to get rid of Version check every time the VRC starts? This automated feature really gums up my computer. Thanks, Martins.
  12. Congatulations!!! Currious question..I am in European division and a European citizen as well, but my first VATSIM expirience come from NY ARTCC in LaGuardia airport....) The question is wether or not Europeans can apply for USA training acadamy.. well in real life (atleast pilots) have some training across the pond Cheers!
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