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  1. In working through my Log.txt and looking at the xPilot/CSL warnings I found some issues, mostly typo's. I would recommend making these small changes to your CSL package: ........................................................ In BB_Jets/E145 Rename E145_BMI_G-WHI.obj to E145_BMI_G-RJXI.obj Rename E145_BMI_G-WHI.dds to E145_BMI_G-RJXI.dds ........................................................... In BB_Jets/E175 Rename E170_USA.obj to E175_USA.obj Rename E170_USA.dds to E175_USA.dds Overwrite your CSL/BB_Jets/xsb_aircraft.txt with this one, then view your X-Plane
  2. Looks like you have the same Obj8 problem I had Marco. I'd recommend d/l from Justins link above and purge your CSL. I will post a BB_Jets file too where I've corrected some typo's
  3. Just completed. Justin many thanks. This completes a long trial, partial success. It seems I had an early CSL collection in the incorrect format for the latest Vatsim client. Thanks and best wishes Kev
  4. OK Justin, Done. I'm now seeing the correct liveries against the correct callsign. Thank you... Many appear to have their tyres submerged, should I do something with the offset?
  5. Thank you Richard. I think I've tried every permutation. I believe I read it will only delve 5 levels down, if so, you're ok, I'll try another option... My Log.txt flags xPilot/XPMP2 WARN CSLModels.cpp:570/CSLModelsAdd: Duplicate model 'B733 B733:BOE', additional definitions ignored, originally defined in line 4 of Resources\plugins\xPilot\Resources\CSL/BB_Boeing/B733 Which uses both slash and backslash in the url. This is what caused my concern initially. It also shows... 0:03:27.108 xPilot/XPMP2 WARN CSLModels.cpp:570/CSLModelsAdd: Duplicate model 'B733 B733:BOE', addit
  6. Thanks Justin https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TixhX3KGCjd1cRwx4y4KOleHEf0JbM1n/view?usp=sharing Looking at Richards post it looks like I've mixed up the backslash.... Standby!
  7. Thanks Justin https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TixhX3KGCjd1cRwx4y4KOleHEf0JbM1n/view?usp=sharing There are many lines like this: 0:03:46.015 xPilot/XPMP2 INFO XPMPMultiplayer.cpp:212/XPMPLoadCSLPackage: Loading CSL package from C:\X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins\xPilot\Resources\ 0:03:46.015 xPilot/XPMP2 WARN CSLModels.cpp:570/CSLModelsAdd: Duplicate model 'B733 B733:BOE', additional definitions ignored, originally defined in line 4 of C:\X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins\xPilot\Resources\/CSL/BB_Boeing/B733 0:03:46.015 xPilot/XPMP2 INFO CSLModels.cpp:911/CSLModelsProcessAcFile: Read
  8. OK Thanks Justin, good to know... Looking again it isn't Drive E it is F, so I guess this means "File"? I'm still only seeing Vatsim users in Generic liveries, I include the xPilot settings in the 2nd image, maybe you have a suggestion as to where I'm going wrong. Thanks for your help Justin...
  9. I installed version 1.3.17 a short while ago I see issues with the CSL. All my liveries for Vatsim members are displaying as Boeing generic. In confirming the CSL path I was initially confused, so I added a copy of my Bluebell CSL collection into the root of Drive C This confirmed my theory. Drive lettering is amiss. Drive C and its contents appear in the xPilot preferences dialogue as D, Drive D appears as E etc Confirm: Whatever I try all Vatsim members are appearing in Generic Boeing Liveries still.....
  10. I started another topic regarding this as it is my belief the level problem is caused by the Realistic Radio Effect. I don't know how this works buy it must mean some processing in real time! I am operating without simply to avoid deafening volleys! Regards
  11. Aaah Thanks... Looking there I feel I may be onto something though !
  12. Hi Justin. I just posted a topic before seeing this, regarding audio levels of xPilot... I believe that the Vulkan version, "Realistic Radio" system, may induce wildly fluctuating transmission levels. Could this possibly be the case? Many thanks for your efforts to date Thoroughly enjoying the Vatsim experience Kev
  13. I am suffering wildly differing volume levels whilst on-line with xPilot. I had put this down to sloppy setup by users, but it appeared more erratic for this to be the case. I watched flightdeck2sim stream the other night and he was displaying similar symptoms, which spoiled what was otherwise a very good commercial for Vatsim, with hugely competent control at Schipol. My belief is that the "Realistic Radio Effects" loop is possibly the cause. Is anyone in contact with the devs who might be able to offer an opinion on this? I should say that both, he and I are operating the Vulkan
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