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  1. Thank you for all your work and dedication to the network over the years. You have always been friendly and approachable. Best of luck for your retirement. Phillip
  2. Hi Jagard, Download the latest Beta 1.3 beta 2 from https://github.com/nickbotica/euroNAT/releases and replace the files. Phillip
  3. Hi Phil, Most STARs in the UK end at a holding fix and don't have published transitions to the final approach (exceptions being EGLC, EGKB and EGNT). Usually ATC will vector you before reaching the holding fix but the published hold is a fail-safe to ensure that you can hold if any issues/delays. The procedural ILS approach mentioned by Orjan is the full approach but wouldn't usually be used in normal circomestances but are again a backup in case needed (e.g.: radar failure). Some airports have apparent transitions published e.g. EGLL but these are initial approach procedures in absence
  4. Hello Ed, Welcome to VATSIM. I was controlling East Midlands Radar last night and your flying was great. I had no idea it was your first flight on the network. After departure I gave you a heading to separate you from an inbound aircraft. Once clear I issued "resume own navigation direct NANTI" ( I will apologise here for a little slip as hadn't issued the STAR and NANTI is on the STAR though was in your flight plan). Thank you for planning a KEGUN STAR given the time of day (only available after 2000 local), although in the UK you don't need to file a STAR. The next instruction w
  5. Hello, Reykjavik contains both domestic and oceanic airspace, details can be found here. You will need to obtain oceanic clearance as if not entering Shanwick then you will be entering Reykjavik Oceanic. BGGL_FSS (Søndrestrøm Information) only controls FL195 and below. Phillip
  6. Thanks Pavel you learn something new every day. I've created lots of scenarios and never spotted this line. I can start aircraft back of the ground again now rather than plan where to spawn them. Phillip
  7. Hi Krisztian As Robert has mentioned, you would call the overlying area sector if online for aerodrome control. Bristol (EGGD) is controlled topdown by LON_W_CTR or LON_CTR. No all London Sectors cover all airfields. You can see a map of who covers where here. Phillip
  8. Most the departures from Gatwick will go straight to CTR from TWR (if online), the exception being the SFD9P which will go to APP. At Gatwick, APP predominantly only handles arrivals (the SFD9P crosses the arrival stream hence going to APP). If CTR isn't online then APP will handle departures initiallly. Phillip
  9. You will need to extract the .7z and place the files in .../Docomeents/Euroscope/UK/Data/Settings. Euroscope will open the files sct and ese contained but not the 7z itself. Phillip
  10. Hi John, How are you extracting the 7z? I've just clicked your link and opened the 7z using 7-Zip. The ese and sct were both present. Phillip
  11. Hi Mark, The CPT SIDs on easterly operations conflict with arrivals from the BIG/OCK stacks during normal operations. When quiet (at night and no other traffic) then you may be [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned the SID, though bear in mind potential conflicting arrival traffic would be unknown to DEL/GND/TWR controllers a this time. Due to this conflict, departures are vectored until clear of the arriving traffic and will be put on own navigation by the TC/AC London controllers (there is an LOA that Heathrow will hand off on a heading to TC London. Due to the arrival streams and the RMA there
  12. Hi Ross, I frequently mentor a deaf controller and the first line of the controller information always states "deaf controller, text only", unfortunately we usually only get less than 50% of pilots actually contact by text. I'm wondering if a future update of VPilot could automatically download the controller information to encourage pilots to read the information. I know it won't catch all pilots (I don't believe FSINN does but seem to remember squawkbox did) but at least may help with this and other useful information. Thanks Phillip
  13. Hello Mario, If you follow the instructions at https://vatsim.uk/visit-transfer/ it will take you the necessary steps and ensure that the UK databases synch correctly. Phillip
  14. Hello Jack, The training within VATSIM UK has recently changed. The steps you need to follow are shown here. Phillip
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