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  1. Do any of the other servers work or is it only UK1?
  2. Joe, which servers are you trying to connect to?
  3. I've updated the links in Nestor's post.
  4. @Jamie Janssen Great to hear it stopped happening. I can't remember a specific change around that time that could have resolved this issue. Last major change was https://network-status.vatsim.net/incidents/29459 Let us know if it comes back.
  5. Hey there! Is this happening around the same time each day? This is the first report of it and I've never ran into it myself.
  6. Yup I'm reading 🙂 vatstats.net is a site I wrote years ago before taking part directly in Vatsim infrastructure. 100% the data is available for free however with full time job and maintaining Vatsim servers, I just don't have the time. Wanna help convert to other options?
  7. Hey there! Passwords for the flight servers (FSD) are synced every few minutes. The audio (AFV) servers are synced every few hours.
  8. Hey folks, taking a stab at this problem. I'll update here once I've fixed it.
  9. Indeed. Scrubbing data is something we've considered in the past and may be something we look in to further in the future, but for now we're looking for more medium to long-term data collection. As you say, there's plenty of software out there already that does by-the-second updates.
  10. So the data we use mostly has its origins in https://status.vatsim.net/ All of the .txt files under that link are updated every 2 minutes by VATSIM - no more frequently and no less. There is no way to get that data quicker unfortunately. It's not in our hands.
  11. Thank you for the kind words all. Good spot. Should be fixed by now. If you find any further bugs then please log them on https://bitbucket.org/global7hosting/vatstats-website/issues if possible. This is correct - VATSIM only updates their own data every 2 minutes so unfortunately this is the best we can do.
  12. After a long hiatus and re-evaluation of the way we store information on our network, Vatstats is back online and gathering data. As you'll notice, there's a lot of data missing. Back in 2014 when we started gathering data we were doing this as an interesting side-project and never quite anticipated the amount of interest that we received. Our network never caught up with the amount of data we had to serve and we paid dearly for that when our only SSD array had a catastrophic failure and lost the vast majority of our data. We never quite were able to recover from this, and ultimately
  13. Looks good basically what I have done so far in ruby but not as complete. Maybe this gem could go onto a git site?
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