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  1. I didn't intend to upset people. Sometimes I like to be abrasive. This is being looked into. I've set a reminder to follow up on it later so that it isn't dropped.
  2. Filling up your disk with logs eh? Logrotate can help with that. I've talked to the powers at be here and its just not high on the list of things to do. I'll follow up.
  3. You really should join our tech discord for updates. Tons of discussions happen there. Development DiscordIf you hold a purely technical role, or are responsible for the technical elements, i.e Webmaster, Infrastructure Manager etc, at an FIR, vACC, Division, Region, Affiliated Virtual Airline, Authorised ATO or other VATSIM recognised service, and you have not yet joined our VATSIM Technical Development and Web Discord Server, please send us an email at [email protected] to get a link. Here you can communicate with all technical people across the network, share resources, assist others and ge
  4. VATSIM isn't prohibiting the use of this however it isn't recommended. Many of the tools that don't support the new JSON format have alternative options. For some personal things that I didn't have time to port to the new format, I did something similar. A function to map the new data format into the old format.
  5. Months worth of notice has been given to organizations to move to the new authentication service.
  6. tl;dr Vattastic has to update to use https://auth.vatsim.net . The creator of the website has to do this update. Vattastic isn't a Vatsim service.
  7. In time. There's not an update on it at the moment.
  8. Do any of the other servers work or is it only UK1?
  9. Joe, which servers are you trying to connect to?
  10. I've updated the links in Nestor's post.
  11. @Jamie Janssen Great to hear it stopped happening. I can't remember a specific change around that time that could have resolved this issue. Last major change was https://network-status.vatsim.net/incidents/29459 Let us know if it comes back.
  12. Hey there! Is this happening around the same time each day? This is the first report of it and I've never ran into it myself.
  13. Yup I'm reading 🙂 vatstats.net is a site I wrote years ago before taking part directly in Vatsim infrastructure. 100% the data is available for free however with full time job and maintaining Vatsim servers, I just don't have the time. Wanna help convert to other options?
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