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  1. Thanks for the good news Mr. Alvarez! If I were to stick with FSX for the time being, which of the prospective mods would [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist me to best run a frame hungry aircraft, with some strength yet to power REX. P.S. This forum is great! Thanks Again.
  2. Hello Again, I am currently running an i7-930 at 2.8 Ghz, with 6 Gigs of memory, GTX 280, and a 750 watt power supply. I'd like to run a little faster to support some of the more intesive addons, as well as prepare for Microsoft Flight (I doubt I jump in right away). Any reccomendations? I'm open to just about anything. I built my current PC myself so I'm somewhat confident about cracking it open again. A few ideas I had myself were... 1. OC the processor. I've never done this before, makes me nervous. 2. Upgrade the CPU to another 1366 processor. 3. New Motherboard with a newfangled (
  3. Howdy All, I've noticed recently that my runway textures "flicker". Its mostly around where the taxi, and runway meet, and the textures switch very rapidly between the two. Its not hindering my flight or frame rates, its just annoying. Often, where the runway isnt flickering, the lines are. I've also recently installed REX if that helps. Any tips? Thanks, Rick Stevens
  4. Howdy All, About half an hour ago I downloaded REX 2.0 to take advantage of the 50% off deal. Following installation I attempted to extract the .zip file, and windows tells me that the file is invalid and can't open (after being double clicked). After "right click, extract all.." it tells me the zipped folder is empty, even though the file is 3,211,863KB. I've also attempted to join the REX forum but have yet to hear back regarding my registration approval. What gives? Your help will be graciously appreciated. Rick
  5. Howdy All, I'm looking to purchase a headset and I was wanting to know what you folks use. I've looked into the Saitek headset but I've heard negatives on their cramped size for big heads. I'm not particular on an aviation look, just something effective and in the american market. Thanks a bunch
  6. What's so odd about it is that I installed FSX a week ago, and other than SP1, and Acceleration, there have been no other downloads.
  7. Howdy All, As the subject suggests, FSX won't boot up. During my longer adventures (Peoria, IL to Chicago, IL) the last 2 or 3 times it froze up on me, and now I can't get back in. What's Up?
  8. Howdy All, Ive another question, one I get mixed answers on. How needful is a sound card, particularly now with Audio Environment Airliner Edition?
  9. Howdy all, I just ordered the last tid bits for my first build, which follows... ASUS P6TD Deluxe Intel i7-930 3x2 Corsair xms3 1600 (Cas 7 or 8 i forget) ill remember to up my voltage slightly 64bit Win7 1 tb Seagate, Combo drive, P2450H, etc, etc Also and old BFG 280 GTX I spent about 1100USD Its not as far as I want to go but theres plenty of oppoutunity to up the ante on this one as well as OC capability. Read alot of reviews and decide on the Motherboard first, as all will need to be compatable to it. Newegg is an excellent resource. Also the Q&A in PCPilot is als
  10. Howdy All, Im ordering parts for my first PC build, and I've a question about ordering which windows 7 os. On newegg.com they have what appears to be the same software only in different packaging and a $50 difference. One is retail packaging and the other is OEM. What am I missing here? Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks P.S. This is the link if its needed. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Productcompare.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=100006816%2050001149&IsNodeId=1&bop=And&CompareItemList=368%7C32-116-716%5E32-116-716-S01%2C32-116-754%5E32-116-754-S01
  11. Howdy All! Im picking parts for an FSX build, and after reading through the forums theres no mention of Sound Cards being implemented. Are they not needed, or under what circomestances would they benefit flight sim? Thanks
  12. Anyone know how the new Windows 7 operating system will cooperate FSX? Supposedly Microsoft was suppesed to learn a lesson from Vista and get it right this time. On my own system build I'll be having 64 bit Vista Home Premium, and purchase an "upgrade" (cheaper than buying independently) to windows 7. Will it be worth it?
  13. First of all, pardon me if this post is misplaced, this is my first. Im in the midst of my first comp build, and will be geared towards flight simming. What type of desk might be reccomeded, that would accomodate yokes, Hotas, and of course mouse and keyboard. I will be using the computer for other purposes as well, and may branch out to multiple monitors. Any pics and guidence would be appreciated. Im sure glad to have found Vatsim!
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