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  1. I always thank controllers for their service and do not take for granted their effort in contributing to the VATSIM experience for us pilots. Special thanks to Matthew Burton who operated LON_S_CTR today for excellent service. A very busy frequency, Matthew was on top of everything handling headings/altitudes/special instructions, etc. I had a mental picture of him juggling 5 balls, standing on one leg with the other leg tied to a tennis racket and returning serves over the net. All of his instructions were calm, cool and professionally delivered. Well done sir! Thank you.
  2. Is there a link to the previous version of X-Pilot? I am using Xplane 11.41
  3. I had some issues with x-plane 11 and had to reinstall everything. I did a fresh download and install of the Bluebell CSL files, however, when I logged into X-Pilot at Gatwick a few moments ago I could see most aircraft with a corresponding yellow label indicating the call sign, but then there were some labels out there with no visible aircraft [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ociated with the callsign. Did I somehow miss a step in downloading and installing the CSLs and need to do this again? Thanks
  4. Is there anyone using the Flight Factor 767 for X-Plane 11 that is fairly well versed or can suggest a support/users forum? I have searched for a support forum for this aircraft but have been unsuccessful. Thank you Nelson
  5. You sir are a genius !!! Many thanks, I don't know how long I tried to get that to work. Your favorite VATSIM virtual beer is on me! Thanks!
  6. Hi all, could use a little help. I have the new XPilot client downloaded and installed along with the BlueBell CSL. Everything works fine on my Rotate MD80, For some reason, I cannot get voice to work on the Flight Factor 767. Now, I will admit I am new to that aircraft, but when I select a frequency the transmit TX button illuminates green on the XPilot window. I am on a very active frequency right now, but the RX button does not illuminate at all. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks very much.
  7. Thank you Rich. That video helped, I think I have it working correctly. I do notice that not all the aircraft appear correct (i.e. Delta MD80 at Gatwick) and some of the aircraft appear to drift slowly around the stands, but It sure adds reality to the sim. Many thanks!
  8. Hello all, perhaps someone can [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist me here. I downloaded X-Pilot setup and installed that. Confirmed that I could transmit and receive to a VATSIM controller (thank you EGLL GRN). I then down loaded and the BlueBell CSL files and installed them (obviously incorrectly). The Bleu Bell files for Airbus and Boeing are in the CSL folder in the following path: X-Plane11\Resources\Plugins\xPilot\Resources\CSL These files in the CSL folder are RAR File types. The settings on the X-Pilot window (accessed from the drop down menu in X-Plane) Enabled Path Sets to CSL shows only one entry: Resources/plugins/xPilot/Resources/CSL with a checkmark in the left hand box. Any [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance would be most appreciated. The new voice client sounds great, not if I could only get the other aircraft back. Thank you.
  9. I had to restore my XP OS to Februay 1,2009. After doing this, FSX would not run, received message that I needed to re-load it. When attempting to re-load the CD, I receive the following message: Patch package could not be opened. Verify the patch package exists and you can access it or contact the vendor to verify this is a valid windows intaller patch package. I removed the program and even the addons FSINN FSCoPILOT,etc. I am at a loss. Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks
  10. Hello All: This is very frustrating. Today I continue to experience voice issues where I can hear eveyone just fine, but my transmissions to them are broken, 1X5 or 2X5. In an effort to fix this, I started messing around (bad thing to do) and one thing led to another and I ended up having to uninstall and re-install all the FS programs, add ons etc. Where I stand now is that FSX will start up, but when I attempt to execute Miscrosoft Service Pack 1, I get the error: Error 1304 Error Writing to file, Microsoft Flight Sim.Connect.dll I have un installed Service Packs 1 & 2, FS Co-Pilot, FSINN, Removed the Cool Sky MD80. I am stuck. Very embarrasing. In amm the years and 700 + hours on Vatsim, I am grounded. Any help is appreciated Thanks
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