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  1. High Gergely, Following some intial testing we in the UK have noted some issues with the latest beta. UniATIS will no longer operate as this is still using http, no ATIS can be generated using UniATIS now. The Sector File Provider Descriptor has befallen the same fate. New version seems to give an error, if you make the file use https the old versions of ES will no longer work! https://prnt.sc/118udtd (new build) https://prnt.sc/118unlk (old build with file using https) The new arrival ground status's do not function. vSMR control bar is now borked. Not sure what h
  2. If vpilot corrects for this, alongside all of the other remaining approved clients, we could look to switch to using the correct frequencies. Any idea @Matt Bozwood-Davies?
  3. Technically, no. But how long does it take to file one? a minute or two? I would say apply the same logic as you would in the real world. If you wanted to land at Gatwick in your PA28, you'd have to ring them before (and pay a rather large sum), right? On VATSIM, file a flight plan. This shows the Gatwick controllers your intent of arriving there. When you call up, your "strip" should already appear in their list. All they then have to do is identify you, rather than having to create a flight plan for you. We have no equivalent of "booking out" so I'd recommend that you always f
  4. Hi Ross, many thanks for your recent updates on VATSpy, great to see the ol' gal is still being supported. Just a quick one, I know the to-do list on the website hasn't changed for a very long time, I still see that it says that sub-sectoisation is still planned. In the UK, we're considering changing our logon convention to match that of the Australians, to allow display of sub-sectors in the current state. But if the program is soon to take characters after the first _ into account, then hopefully we wouldn't need to. Any info greatly appreciated.
  5. The included developer guide in TopSky explains everything. Given, it takes a fair while to digest the wealth of information within it.
  6. Do you have your Com panel in your aircraft set up correctly? Can you give us a screenshot of how it looks? xPilot requires you to set up the aircraft's com panels correctly as you would in the real world to transmit and receive.
  7. Try http://edi-gla.co.uk Not saying you’ll find every flight plan, but it’s probably the best for finding real FPLs.
  8. On a bit of a tangent but... Can we stop issuing Squawk 1000 to aircraft entering/transiting EGTT/EGPX? Nowadays it seems almost every aircraft heading from the east or especially an EURx sector is given this incorrectly! Gets rather tiresome after the 25752849263th recycle.
  9. The problem is when I've tried to use it whilst controlling, the system only allows clearance and posreps on the organised track. On a normal day contorlling oceanic, certainly with only one track in each direction, most of the traffic is a) on an old track or b) on a random route. With that in mnd, if 90% of the traffic can't use it, then it's just useless. Aside from that, I find that NATtrak doesn't notify you when you get a clearance request or pos rep, anf you can quite easily miss them. I've been an avid user of Anders' system for a long while (https://www.oceanic.andersmoen.co
  10. Not sure where you’re getting that info. In the past week: XPilot - six updates posted AFV Stand-alone - at least 2 updates AFV Server - devs continue to work to the detriment of their health to get a stable platform. Swift - I don’t know the exact number , but given the last update to the alpha was 18/10, it’s had at least one update this week. Have seen a couple of posts like this and I have the same attitude as you *waves goodbye* You have two options at this point. 1 - Help Roland, Klaus and Matt (Swift Devs) by getting on their discord, working out why swift doesn’t
  11. And you have com1/2 mic and headphone selected with the volume turned up? [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume that you are in the real aircraft and you must have the radios set up as you would IRL. Unlike previous clients, Xpilot looks for all of these things before tuning the frequency selected. [Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming you’ve done all that, it may be the S340 uses different data refs to those Justin has already come across, which, if you know what they are, you could report them on here so he can add them to the list.
  12. ES reads the data sequentially, so [Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming that you RNAV SIDs end at the same point as conventional ones, the just place the RNAV ones above the conventional ones, so it will get to the RNAV ones first. An example for EGK is here: https://github.com/VATSIM-UK/UK-Sector-File/blob/master/Airports/EGKK/Sids.txt The SIDs ending in X or Z are RNAV SIDs, whilst those ending in M or P are conventional. Best of luck! Luke
  13. Hi Ross, Excellent new feature, however... Just did a quick test of the list that is provided. Certain codes, certainly those for newer aircraft don't appear e.g. B38M A35X B788
  14. Hi Guys, just been signed off for Shanwick, It seems EuroNAT no longer works due to the source URL not loading anymore https://www.notams.jcs.mil/common/nat.html Any chance of getting the plugin updated to get it to load?
  15. Yeah, if you do encounter the bug again, please check that the controller is using the latest build. I've controlled with the latest build this morning and it seems it is fixed. I couldn't [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign a squawk/altitude unless I was tracking the aircraft.
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