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  1. How dare you Harry - you have been hiding it since the end of Dec until I relized myself Congratulations and good luck
  2. You can change "vectoring line" distance to 0. It should disappear then. Michal
  3. Guys, i think that i have found a fix for it. I have change the compatibility mode to Windows XP (SP 3) of Euroscope.exe, removed all that invalid DLLs with names mfcm***.dll mfc***.dll msvcm***.dll (which cames with newest ES) etc and moved the old dlls (i've uploaded them here - http://www.speedyshare.com/2YQ7C/Fix.rar) and it worked out for me. ES is not crashing while "browsing" the files using any options like "browse" "save chatlog to the file.." or "load sectorfile..." Hope it helps, Michal
  4. Well, Gergely for sure is now aware of this, i think we will have to wait until it's fixed - lets stay tuned
  5. The files that does not came with Euroscope (those dlls copied from sys32) i think are not the same and causing the dialog error when ES using "file browser" function itself and furtherly forcefully close ES. Michal
  6. Jeff, Take a look at these links: http://www.euroscope.hu/Docs/EuroScope_in_30_minutes.pdf I hope you will find it useful. PS You should get more help during mentoring session. Michal
  7. Your ATIS info will automaticly update when TWR will change it. But if you will login while ATIS is up, you need manually select the letter. (Letter you can check by clicking right mouse button on ICAO_ATIS and selecting "GET ATIS INFO" or something like that) Michal.
  8. Is there any info when it will be released? I can't wait
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