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  1. Thank you Luke, however, I have FSX Gold edition which I believe has FSX SP1 already on the disc. I will try it. I was just reading some were that FSX uses 1 core and I have a 4 core processor, I read somewhere were you can more than 1 processor to run FSX. Please correct me if I am wrong? I very much appreciate every ones help as I return to flying after many years. Michael
  2. I was reading that FSX can be set to run on all 4 cores instead of just the one. Is this true? and if so, How do I do it. I heard that it greatly improved flight sim graphics.
  3. I have Acceleration, however, I do not have version 2 of FSX, where can I get that?
  4. I was downloading Ross's Vpilot and I received the following message: "Could not initialize Vpilot core components please ensure sim connect version 10.0.61259.0" I am new back to VASIM and appreciate your help Mike
  5. I am just getting back into VATSIM after a long absence and needless to say I forgot quite a bit. My questions are 1. is squawk box the best 2. what is the best real weather program 3.best ground North America scenery
  6. Thank you Tomas!! I appreciate your reply, it worked as planned!!
  7. Thank you! It does seem to me, way back when, that there was some sort off USA scenery (not individual airport or city) that you could purchase that basically highly enhanced the scenery of the US from an airborne view. I just cannot seem to locate this anylonger, I am sure it still exists, I believe I paid around $30.00 USD or so. Also well I am at it, I did purchase (today) the "Blueprint Scenery" for KMSP. I cannot get it to take in FSX.. I did as instructed, after the download, I ran the program and copied the scenery and textures from the blueprint file in FSX and pasted it to the add
  8. I have been out of the loop for several years with VATSIM and now I am slowly getting back involved. I was wondering if anyone could inform me where I might be able to find a good scenery file for ALL of the USA (payware). From searching, I see I can purchase several different individual cities in the USA, however, I was hoping to find one that covers all of the USA or even North America? Thank you in advance.
  9. Andrew, you are truely doing a GREAT job. Your hard work is greatly appreciated.
  10. Thank you Jason!! Much appreciated. Mike
  11. Minneapolis Center presents Friday Night Ops, Friday November 14th. We are going to fully staffed and welcome all pilots. VA's have KMSP as one of your departures or destinations We welcome you to check out our promotional audio clip on the ZMP website under "Events". Mike Oberg
  12. Yvan, Just exactly is it doing? You can't even get a blinking cursor in the chat bar??
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