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  1. step 1) departure airport......... MWCR step 2) arrival airport ...............MWCR step 3) route ............................ VFR Ya think the person will filling out an Oceanic flight plan the way they were complaining.
  2. So many excuses why pilots are not doing the basics, yes basics. You want to play pilot and this is a part of playing pilot. You sure would not do this in the real world and we are simulating the real world. Open Vatspy or whatever and check or ask the controller. I have watched planes fly through my airspace and asked why are you not contacting me, most of the answers that I was told is that "you would contact me". I asked where did you get that from, Hang on....... "a friend told me", in other words, more NON information is getting around. Whats next? You want the controller to share a
  3. Good luck with VATCAN, not sure what the point was to talk about VATCAN internal money issues on public forum.
  4. A simple flightplan edit from the controller before he released you could have avoided this.
  5. I'm with you Don. I enjoyed every position I was on. Why fly through the steps that make up what a CTR controller is, an all position controller. The proof of hurried ratings can easily be seen when you are flying into or out of and airport or airspace VFR, especially when there is traffic around.
  6. He could have taken a flight from Hamilton and "went missed" on approach and avoided all this. I'm sure hoping the controller(s) could have accommodated a missed approach. Or is missed approaches breaking some unheard rule? Don, VATCAN is looking for controllers, maybe apply to be a Saskatchewan controller.
  7. Christian, as requested, Vatcan will be in touch with you.
  8. Well now, way to go JF. congratulations
  9. Just cloned my FSX AI folder and placed all WOAI AI aircraft in the sim objects folder. Thanks Don .
  10. Can anyone explain P3DV3 setup for model matching. I have WOAI working in FSX.
  11. Way to go Matt, A very big congrats. And now it's time to get things moving.
  12. Thanks for the effort Evan, even if the answer was a negative one. This community is alive because there is initiative and drive to make things better.
  13. It's very disappointing how such an important resource like WOAI is very hard download. After so many restarts, its ridiculous and still not even close to being finished downloading.
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