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  1. Well yeah, but since everything is working as expected for me (being connect to Gander when i want to be connected to Gander), does not seem to be an issue i should report in a the mentioned topic, right?
  2. Okay, since i use vPilot and not xPilot i dont think i can contribute any further
  3. Just right at this moment it seems as if several frequencies are coupled together again. Gander Radio and Gatwick Tower, just for example. If you tell me how to provide more data, ill be more than willing to do so. kind regards Jonas
  4. -Disconnect Time: 12:15z onwards -How Often your disconnects are: every 2-10 Minutes -What error the client showed on disconnect: Lost connection to voice server -Callsign: SWR39 -Client Version: vPilot 2.4.0 -Internet Speed:100mbit -Internet Provider or rough real world location: Telekom near DUS -A link to a zipfile of the debug.txt file if it exists as well as the Log folder within your client: Since installing the mentioned file no more disconnects, as soon as there is one i will update this post.
  5. Hey Robert, thanks for your reply. No, the TX light does not light up when i try to transmit on an active frequency. I selected the correct audio settings in vPilot. The mic works fine with other applications like Skype or Discord. kind regards
  6. Will try firewall and av, however i didnt change anything there so i hardly suspect that being the issue. Its a shame that i dont recall when that problem occured for the very first time...
  7. Hey Don, the problem exists since a few weeks, so yes, i rebooted the pc in the meantime and even unplugged the joystick etc.
  8. Hey Norman, thanks for your reply! I tried add-on and default planes, without any success. Also a a default plane with the default (takeoff state) state doesnt work... kind regards
  9. Hey, out of nowhere i cannot transmit anymore. The symptoms can be compared to the following topics, however their solutions didnt work for me. viewtopic.php?f=132&t=75752 viewtopic.php?f=8&t=75568 I am running both, P3D and vPilot as admin, tried vPilot 2.2 and for testing purposes even 2.3 from the beta channel. Listening to frequencies is no issue at all, pressing the PTT with no active voice channel results in the expected warning sound. Any hints and further ideas are truly appreciated. kind regards
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