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  1. I think that's exactly what you said when I signed your "My first little logbook" in crayon, at the hotel bar after the Tea Party years ago.. Might be mistaken... may have had a few..
  2. Absoltly not! Do you relaiiiize that VATSIM is the only plce that I can "fly an airplcraftplane and drik?> Has much as id liuke to gut all 'as reel as it guts here on VATSIM... da FAA wuld frowney face on me sipping my martini out uf me sippy kup on final.. beee right back... gunna pause and refill...
  3. As a controller: This has been a seriously needed change for awhile. While it was fun the first couple of times vectoring aircraft around (let's call them X-plane pilots, with issues), it got old, real quick. Especially when one pilot would impact the service of a dozen+ other pilots. As a pilot: I don't see what the issue is. I had problems in the past maintaining 30fps, so I dropped my settings a bit. Was my goal eye-candy, or participating in an air-traffic simulation? I just loaded up my settings, installed the 3jFPS Wizard plugin as recommended in the NOTAM, and did a fairly intense s
  4. Scaling isn't Nvidia specific. Right click on desktop, select "Display Settings", for each of your monitors, select it, when under "Scale and layout", verify it's at 100%. For Nvidia Surround: [Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming you're using an nvidia card. Right click on desktop, and select "NVIDIA Control Panel". On the left tree menu: 3D Setting -> Configure Surround, PhysX If you have the ability (button to check) "Span displays with Surround" under the "Surround configuration", try setting that up. Basically the driver turns your multiple displays into one giant display that windows se
  5. Absolutely weird. Working now. I thought it might be window X/Y locations with 3 monitors and the middle one being the main one. So, I turned nvidia surround on, setup another VRC profile with windows spanning different monitors, and it worked. I was "ah hah!, that's it". Then when I turned surround off, it now works. No idea. Now returning to your regularly scheduled programming.
  6. Ross, All three of my monitors are at 100% scaling.
  7. Were you able to solve this? I'm having the same issue, and have resorted to editing my VRC.ini file so that all my other windows start in the same XY location as the main window. Then when I load the profile, I just drag the other radar windows to where I want them. Definitely related to drawing the other radar windows on other monitors.
  8. With the summer season and wx build up going on here (especially in the the mid/east US), want to drop a thank you to the controllers that are having to deal with it. It's been awhile since I've controlled, so I don't know if there is currently a wx overlay option in current clients. But I've had controllers doing their best to provide some solid information. The number of wx radar gauges and wx clients which support them increasing... the ability to tactically navigate around buildup (with what you see on radar exactly matching visually in the sim) is increasing. With that, the number of
  9. The title of this post is all that needs to be said. Over the past 15 years on this network, I’ve seen a lot of cool things. From highly choreographed events like the Boston Tea Party to Cross The Pond, the ability of the community to come together has often left me in awe. However, tonight that has elevated to leaving me speechless… This evening’s FNO was “scheduled” until 0359z. I flew into PHX with a saturated center, and then did an uneventful turn out of PHX to ATL. On my way out of ABQ airspace, the event ended at 0359z. With over 60 aircraft still inbound (most coming from ZLA)
  10. New place, new green blip battlestation... Went a bit overboard on the LED lights... Next step is to find an API or hack the audio sync capability so it's flash certain colors for certain sounds/audio files (i.e. conflict alerts, handoffs, etc).
  11. I'm saving and stealing this for future use. And you're spot on about "unable".
  12. I don't think he can technically "deny" the IFR flight plan. The point of the OP was to minimize the impact to an event by someone who would likely be denied (or significantly delayed) those services in the real world with similar levels of traffic. Now there are ways to minimize the impact, without denying the flight. And that's to employ the same techniques that are used in the real world. Holding is one of them. "Remain clear of the Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] D" is another one. Not providing a Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] B clearance is another. Having a clown in the pattern keep doing 360s o
  13. I feel your pain. I abhor the idiots who think it's cool to ask for pattern work in a Cub at a major airport during an event. I've been denied practice approaches at airports in the real world due to traffic. You can also handle this by being creative with the aircraft. Have them fly the full procedure (including the missed into a hold). Have them hold until there is a lull in the traffic and you can work them back it. There are multiple ways to skin this cat.
  14. Your [Mod - Happy Thoughts]umption that by my using the word "donate" implies I think pilots are in debt to me is quite in error. VATSIM is a fundamentally volunteer organization. Also, you're drawing [Mod - Happy Thoughts]umptions on what I find enjoyable about controlling, and you don't know a single thing about me. I'm choosing to donate my time to (what I view as) a good cause. Namely the advancement of aviation education and entertainment in the form of an online air traffic network. In fact, I think I owe VATSIM something, as I still feel it played a significant positive role when
  15. This is actually a pretty interesting problem... One where VATSIM's VSOAs could reign supreme (i.e. refueling).
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