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  1. Mark, Change the addon.xml to the following: FLAI FLAI - Next Generation Model Matching SimObjects C:\Users\Mark\AppData\Roaming\FLAI\SimObjects\Airplanes Effects C:\Users\Mark\AppData\Roaming\FLAI\Effects Texture C:\Users\Mark\AppData\Roaming\FLAI\Texture That should fix it.
  2. Mark, Is there a chance you may have other AI packages installed onto your computer? Or have you used any AI packages previously that could be causing a conflict? The failed to create aircraft message is very important as the first three letters in XXXXX let us know if it's actually FLAi or another package. On my own personal setup, I have FLAi running on my "M" drive under M:\FLAi, and my P3D installed on my SSD under the regular "C" drive. When using the FLAi Operations Center, you can specify where you want FLAi installed. I created a folder called FLAi on my M drive, pointed
  3. If you are using P3D V4, the Ops Center will allow you to change where FLAi is installed into using the settings tab. I have mine on a different drive also.
  4. When you launch FLAi it is most likely warning you that BVAI is still installed because the root folder is still present. Even though you uninstalled BVAI, it's still recognizing that the BVAI.lock folder is installed on your computer. It's usually a quick fix. Send a message using the Feedback template on https://flai.app/ so we can look into it.
  5. Using this thread, let’s talk about Fly AI (FLAi). First and foremost, FLAi was developed using both BVAI and VpilotAI. We have rebuilt this package from the ground up, incorporating the best features of BVAI and vPilot AI, and adding new features too. In total there are now 150 aircraft models and more than 1,200 liveries. Given the number of changes, we’re calling this version of FLAi an open beta to allow time for people to try out the new models and provide feedback that we can incorporate into the package. If you install FLAi now, please help by sharing any issues you may encount
  6. New episode on the History Channel on tonight. On at 8:00EST. Check TVGuide for more info regarding this show. -thank you
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