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  1. If i install .net framework 4, will have .net framework 2 as well?
  2. hello fellow simmers i needed a few suggestions for a good KSEA sector file for vrc preferably showing taxiways and over all a decent complete sector file. also showing vors ndbs and fixes around it thank you
  3. i got .net framework4 but the installer says i need version 2? what? i have the latest version it still doesn't work! what do i do?
  4. Is This Normal is or is there something wrong with my PC, does everyone's euroscope need the .net framework? what does .net framework do?
  5. power cuts make you mad but internet connection loss makes you furious
  6. Hello, i just started to use ES and i used to work with VRC, first off , my VRC sector files dont work, what do i do? where can i get ES sector files? thank you
  7. please inform me of resources, free, to find repaitns and different planes and airlines, that are easy to use thank
  8. thank you joshua black i blieve i now have a decent signiture...
  9. thank you for your help and it was really use full i found many charts that i needed, but there is one ground chart i cant find, if any member has a good ground chart for EHAM please let me know where to get it, btw. how do i get one of those cool forum signiture pictures? thank you ali
  10. where do i find, accurate ground charts for airports, especcially UK and EU non related: how do i shut off a 737? thank you ali
  11. i downloaded an austrian air 777 from austrian va site but i dont know how to load and use it in fsx please help thank you ali
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