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  1. As Trevor said, don't change it again. I had to change mine as I had issues getting onto the main sites to begin with. If you can get into your Dashboard, you are probably alright, but just waiting for the other servers to syncronise with each other.
  2. I had the same issues. I had to request a new password as after a while I were locked out of the lot. Once you can get onto the main .net site, it'll take most of the day or the next day for the Vatsim server to update, then a few hours for the voice server. Eventually I could connect to the server, but not the voice server, which resolved itself after a few more hours.
  3. I may try it. Otherwise vPilot is good, but it doesn't connect to a weather server, where as FSInn does.
  4. I've just made a flight using FSInn, weather worked fine, but voice didn't, can't remember what plug in was used. It does almost seem that as I haven't used things for some time, that settings appeared to have changed themselves for some reason.
  5. Thanks, I've copied the file over. Will see what happens.
  6. Hello, does anyone know what may cause FSX to encounter a fatal error with the fault path being UIAUTOMATIONCORE.DLL? Thanks.
  7. Some digging around on google suggest as I thought, I used to get weather in via FSInn, it would get a weather metar from a server and was quite accurate really. I don't quite know why FSInn won't load anymore on my system. Edit: For some unknown reason, when I check the settings, many of the features have been put as 'reset', whatever that means, but the effect it has is the tab or panel, won't show, until I remove reset. So now FSInn control panel is showing, but I had to do the same with the actual settings menu for it too, as of course I need to put the new password into that.
  8. I really can't remember how I used to get current weather into FSX. I wonder if it came through via FSINN? I seem to remember as soon as I went online, it'd update.
  9. Does weather not come through under vPilot?
  10. So that nDac software I have is no longer/no good? So I should uninstall it and move onto the current way.
  11. I actually managed to take a flight online this evening. I used vPilot which seems simple enough. I filed a VFR plan, but for some reason the stats have logged multiple 'starts'. FsInn, FScopilot etc doesn't appear to work anymore anyway, not sure if it's because it's because the version I have is not supported or not. I'd like to work out how to uninstall it since I'm not even able to use it.
  12. I should be able to get up to date charts via NATS. I seem to remember paying outright for some software, maybe it was nDAC which for some reason won't work anymore. Maybe that's why the change. That navdata you get, is that just the Airac only which we can use to update FS Commander and FMC's etc?
  13. I've not used Navigraph or anything for years. I seem to remember that I used to pay every so often for new charts and Airac cycles. Looking into it again now, it appears the only way to get this is to subscribe to a monthy fee? Is there anything I can use how Navigraph used to be?
  14. Ok. I've reset my password, again. Let's see for how long it'll last until it claims it's incorrect. Unless I'm doing something wrong when resetting my password? I had one part displayed on the website and the other part emailed to me. Is this correct? Is that all I need to do? Because if it goes incorrect tomorrow, then I'll be lost.
  15. Yes it does. Yes, it does. It's the same password which I logged on with, yet now it is an incorrect password. I've had no response on the ticket. With the CID and password issued to me, I can't log on.
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