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  1. Dear Andreas en Don. Thank you so much for the advice you guys gave me. I did the same flight as yesterday and with the advice from both of you i did touch down:) I updated to the newest ZIBO 738 and this time when the controller says i should descent on the glide slope i did. At 2500 ft i pressed the app button and what do you know. i capture the GS and auto landed ( Still to nervous to land myself) I really wanna thank both of you for your help. The X-plane and VATSIM community is really nice and i know i'm gonna have a lot of enjoyable moments soon! Thank you so much
  2. You are 100% right. Im gonna try the V/S function next time. lets see if i can smoothly land on a runway then Thank you for the response Greetings Thomas
  3. Hi Andreas. I'm currently using 3.36 as well. Al though the response from Don Desfosse makes sense i should have know that the GS wouldn't be captured at FL040. I think i'm just to nervous when i approach a active airport. Every controller i PM saying that i'm a new VATSIM pilot says the same thing. Take it easy we all gotta learn somewhere. I do have a 737-900 maby i should use that one when i'm flying online. Thank you for the response Greetings Thomas
  4. My Dear fellow Pilots. Thank you for reading this post. Tonight i was flying from EHAM to EGLL to try out the new COMMS, Loving it so far but i disconnect after the second go around because i felt like i was messing up the delicate process from Londen director and APP. Everything was fine till the final approach on to runway 9L. I get the message to descent on the glide slope when i captured the localizer. I was flying the ZIBO 738 and i see on my PFD that i have a VOR LOC but for some reason my airplane didn't want to descent. Even when i had the VOR loc i pressed the APP button and s
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