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  1. I find it MORE of a disservice to withhold information. Plain and simple. My prior experience proves it: During my extent as ATM within the division, I felt more left out of the division's operational decisions which affected my ability to effectively manage the facility by VATUSA for the vary reason of information not being disseminated until a decision was already made (i.e. by the way, here's a new policy). In that time period, how many staff meetings did the division hold for Air Traffic Managers (and [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istants) - Zero! I do not trust that the current methods be
  2. I could not have put this any better! There is a lot more to the background issues going on here Michael has touched on. All this plan is going to do is ignore the problems instead of addressing them, by sweeping the problems under the rug like VATUSA and the Founders have done in the past with their 'quick' decisions. Why are they afraid to listen to the people in the trenches, the ones who are actually promoting the network on the front lines? Quality will diminish like it has repeatedly in the past...look at how many great volunteers we have lost because of this.
  3. How do we (the community) have to adapt this? I cannot see it. Funny, I don't see them (i.e. the folks that actually matter) voicing an open forum to the community about a substantial change...I just see, how did you put it: It's unnecessary.
  4. I've heard VATUSA is planning on combining the ARTCCs into five facilities. What's the deal with that? Is this where we're going:
  5. Andrew Miller and I were checking out some of the past...ring any bells? http://web.archive.org/web/20010417112811/www.satusa.org/artcc/index.html I also I remember someone was looking for the old training voice files, may want to explore this site to see if you can find them; I found the old real player files however they don't work properly.
  6. Just as an objective observer to this discussion, since Mark informed VATUSA HQ about this BEFORE starting the rule, wouldn't that make VATUSA HQ responsible for announcing a descision? I feel one should have been made so that way we would have known that VATUSA HQ did in fact allow a temporary exception or denied it. The question is a valid point however, is it within the ARTCC guidelines and also after this is resolved, what we as A DIVISION need to do to correct this problem so that there are no more future occurances. Would VATUSA want to explore a waiver system and if so what are
  7. Quick note, I've been under the impression that the INS Application for VATUSA (http://vatusa.org/training/instructors) is no longer valid, if this is the case it should be removed so that this can be delt with on a local matter (within the ARTCC) instead as a divisional (VATUSA).
  8. Unfortunatly I don't have any GREAT stories, the only ones I find enjoyable are in certain situations that you had to have been there for but some of the most interesting discussions (conversations) I've heard where held on UNICOM back a year or two ago when I would fly... Think that's bad, can you imagine the supervisors taking part in them! Good to know we all have a good time online
  9. Wish I could...us college guys just don't have the $$$... Enjoy everyone.
  10. Sorry I need to specify, 5 of the VATSIM controllers I go to school with, three are with ZHU...
  11. Aviation schools are the way to go. I know three in Houston, one in Minneapolis, and one in Chicago who are aviation students with me here in town...
  12. We'd like to invite all the X-Planers out there to come join us Sunday, March 13th 0100Z for a fly-in to San Antonio International Airport Cargo Terminal East. Grab yourself an aircraft in FedEx livery at www.x-plane.org and hit the skies. ZHU ARTCC will be providing air traffic control services and look forward to welcoming X-Plane pilots to our airspace. There will be special scenery avialable just for the fly-in at www.x-scenery.com. The scenery will be made avaialable the day before the fly-in on March 12th. You can download some FedEx aircraft at the following links: Cessna Ca
  13. More information on the upoming BIZJet BASH Here! Put away those commerical airliners and bring out your Business Jets. Houston ARTCC will be hosting the bizjet bash on Febuary 26th, 2005 from 2000Z-2200Z (2pm-4pm CST). Come fly in to or out of San Antonio International or Austin-Bergstrom International Airports in your business jets! Read More... Sign Me Up!
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