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  1. I think it happens when you alt-tab between xPilot and/or other windows. Then the controller has to write "hey your mic is stuck". It happened three times now. The program should probably check whether the push-to-talk button is down or not, regardless fo which window is in focus.
  2. Here's a Google Sheet with achievements that pilots can do while flying on VATSIM: Achievements Using the achievements can be fun because you'll do different things every time you fly. I've gone through the list twice now! Here's an excerpt:
  3. Flying VFR in USA is very simple. You just take off and go! I wish it was the same in Europe, but it seems to not be the case. I've been trying to find information without success. How do I fly VFR in Europe and how does it differ from USA?
  4. I found that I often chose not to go online and fly because I thought "I'm not good enough", even though I have the highest pilot rating. So I decided to learn thoroughly and wrote a manual for players like myself. It covers the basics of flight, communication, navigation, weather and safety and it has a communications script that I've used when flying online. The navigations chapter explains each type of approach conceptually and with examples. I am a teacher so I tried to apply my pedagogical knowledge to the docomeent. I think one downside of the current online flying community is that
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