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  1. Best of luck @Felix Zapata Berlinches and congratulations on your new position!
  2. Fantastic news! Best of luck from Lebanon vACC
  3. Congratulations and good luck @Praveen Saju 1203749 !
  4. Dear All, Dylan Lamond has resigned from his position due to real world commitments. Mr. Lamond has been a great addition to the team and has made great contributions which improved the quality of the vACC. Please join me in Thanking Dylan for his hard work and contributions.
  5. @Michael Wolf, do we have to rename the files for it to be read? Indeed!
  6. VATSIM Lebanon is looking to fill it's vACC Web Services Director position Deadline: Applications are open until filled. Job Description: - Report to the vACC Director and his Deputy - Assists with the oversight and development of the vACC technical infrastructure - Responsible for expanding the technical team, when and as required, after collaborating with the vACC Director and his Deputy - Oversee and report any updates to the vACC director and his deputy on a quarterly basis of the technical department - Assist the Marketing Director in the management of a
  7. A workaround is using an app not the actual password manager in iOS. I have it setup and it doesnt really do that for me. Also, you can hit that arrow beside it and it should give you more options I think.
  8. It is with pleasure I announce the appointment of Ahmed Ashraf as the newest vACC Deputy Director for VATSIM Lebanon. Please join me in congratulating him in his new duties
  9. Well done @Pierre Ferran! Best of luck from Lebanon vACC!
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