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  1. A workaround is using an app not the actual password manager in iOS. I have it setup and it doesnt really do that for me. Also, you can hit that arrow beside it and it should give you more options I think.
  2. It is with pleasure I announce the appointment of Ahmed Ashraf as the newest vACC Deputy Director for Lebanon vACC. Please join me in congratulating him in his new duties
  3. Well done @Pierre Ferran! Best of luck from Lebanon vACC!
  4. We are pleased to announce the "Istanbul-Beirut Citylink" to visit one of the oldest touristic sites in Lebanon, known as Baalbek. Full ATC is expected between the two cities. 17th October 2020 Departure ATC: 16-19z / Arrival ATC: 19z-20z Event Routing: IST UG8 YAA UN617 ERVAG UT179 KFK UB545 OKLAM UL620 VESAR L620 BALMA We hope to see you there!
  5. Hello Abdulrahman, The main site itself is down, however, were you trying to login or join a vACC in VATME? If so, you could use https://hq.vatme.net which is still working.
  6. Dears, It is with pleasure that I announce the appointment of Dylan Lamond as the newest Membership Director for Lebanon vACC. Mr. Lamond brings wealth of experience after serving in divisions across the VATSIM network. Welcome and best of luck in your new role Dylan!
  7. Well Done gents! Looking forward to having events with the vACC!
  8. Saudi Arabia vACC and Lebanon vACC proudly invites you to "Jeddah to Beirut" Event on September 11th, 2020. Plan to depart from Jeddah between 14z-17z to arrive at Lebanon between 17z-19z with full ATC services at both airports and Enroute ATC as well! Official Route: MIGDA L677 WEJ M449 GIBET UM449 BUSRA L513 LEBOR Flight Booking: https://hq.vatme.net/event/booking/flight/1084 ATC Booking: https://hq.vatme.net/event/booking/atc/1084
  9. Dear All, It is with utmost pleasure that I announce the appointment of Omar Malhas as the newest Marketing Director (ACCLB5) for the Lebanon vACC. Good luck Omar with your new role and looking forward to working with you!
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