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  1. 11 hours ago, Michael Wolf said:

    Yes, as far as I know VAT-Spy doesn't support multiple config files. You need to either replace your entire VATSpyConfig.xml with the one provided, or copy the 12 <Color*> sections and 5 <MapFont*> sections from the theme file into your config file. Replacing the entire file will remove any custom filters and other settings you have.

    At some point I may write an installation utility to make it easier, but no promises yet.

    Thank you @Michael Wolf!

  2. Lebanon vACC is looking to fill it's vACC Web Services Director position - ACCLB7

    Deadline: Applications are open until filled.

    Job Description:

    - Report to the vACC Director and his Deputy

    - Assists with the oversight and development of the vACC technical infrastructure

    - Responsible for expanding the technical team, when and as required, after collaborating with the vACC Director and his Deputy

    - Oversee and report any updates to the vACC director and his deputy on a quarterly basis of the technical department

    - Assist the Marketing Director in the management of all social media accounts

    Job Requirements:

    - Thorough knowledge of Laravel, vueJS or ReactJS (both is considered an asset), tailwind CSS, Bootstrap, MySQL/MariaDB, JSON, XML, PHP 8 or newer, REST APIs

    - Familiarity with the VATSIM Connect system

    - Familiarity with Moodle

    - Familiarity with Discord and it's APIs

    - Regional change if not a member of the vACC

    - Commitment to deadlines

    Interested applicants shall send an email to [email protected] which includes:

    1. Full name as registered on VATSIM
    2. VATSIM ID
    3. Official email on VATSIM
    4. Any VATSIM staff experience
    5. Previous work portfolio
  3. istanbul-beirut.thumb.jpg.730a7ef480ba5d04e16d7f7e77af99e8.jpg


    We are pleased to announce the "Istanbul-Beirut Citylink" to visit one of the oldest touristic sites in Lebanon, known as Baalbek.

    Full ATC is expected between the two cities.

    17th October 2020

    Departure ATC: 16-19z / Arrival ATC: 19z-20z

    Event Routing: IST UG8 YAA UN617 ERVAG UT179 KFK UB545 OKLAM UL620 VESAR L620 BALMA

    We hope to see you there!

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  4. 3 hours ago, Abdulrahman Faraj said:

    Hello Everyone! 

    I have been trying many times to enter vatme.net but it says "Internal Server Error"

    Are you facing same issue or its just me?

    Thanks a lot 

    Hello Abdulrahman, 

    The main site itself is down, however, were you trying to login or join a vACC in VATME? 

    If so, you could use https://hq.vatme.net which is still working. 

  5. 1 hour ago, Ahmed Radwan said:



    VATME - VATSIM Middle East and Northern Africa is delighted to announce the re-establishment of Kuwait vACC (OKAC). Located at the tip of the Kuwaiti airspace is a crucial airspace to all traffic flying from the Gulf towards the western hemisphere. We are also glad to announce the appointment of the following staff for the Kuwaiti vACC:

    • ACCKW1 Director - Joseph Donat 
    • ACCKW2 Deputy Director - Matthew McEwen
    • ACCKW6 Events Director - Mariano Longo

    Please join me in welcoming the new staff and wishing them all the best of luck in the development of this new, yet pivotal, vACC.

    Well Done gents!

    Looking forward to having events with the vACC!

  6. GZp0v9S.png

    Saudi Arabia vACC and Lebanon vACC proudly invites you to "Jeddah to Beirut" Event on September 11th, 2020. Plan to depart from Jeddah between 14z-17z to arrive at Lebanon between 17z-19z with full ATC services at both airports and Enroute ATC as well!

    Official Route: MIGDA L677 WEJ M449 GIBET UM449 BUSRA L513 LEBOR

    Flight Booking: https://hq.vatme.net/event/booking/flight/1084

    ATC Booking: https://hq.vatme.net/event/booking/atc/1084

  7. gdUSRNk.png

    Lebanon vACC & Jordan vACC proudly invites you to "Beirut - Amman City link" on September 4th 2020 from 1600Z to 2000Z, where you can fly between the cities to visit prominent landmarks and history of each country.

    Charts are available via Navigraph

    Route (RJA callsigns): ELIKA N159 VELOX PASOS L550 KARIK B411 ULINA M319 LOSIL

    Route (MEA and other callsigns): LATEB J222 LOTAX L513 LOSAR

    Hope to see you on the scopes!
  8. On 7/18/2020 at 1:02 PM, Irfan Kaleem said:

    It is to inform you that Mateen Ali (ACCPAK2) has resigned from his position of Director - ATC Training in Pakistan vACC due to real life commitments. 
    He has also served the vACC as an Instructor and Acting Director since September last year. 

    In the meantime, I will take charge as Acting Director - ATC Training while vacancies are announced in a few days.

    We wish him best of luck for the future!

    Sad to see you step down. But all the best with your future and hope to see you one day back on VATSIM.

  9. On 7/15/2020 at 4:49 AM, Chriss Klosowski said:


    Dubai Intl. Airport (OMDB) was staffed during the whole week (27th Week), between 29th June 0000Z - 5th July 2359Z. This is the personal best record for the vACC. 
    This wasn't possible without the support of the dedicated team of controllers from different nationalities that we have here in this vACC!

    We handled good amount of both IFR & VFR traffic during the whole week along with 2 events. 

    Thanks to everyone for the support.


    Want to join an immersive, fun and engaging community? Why not join the U.A.E vACC as a pilot or controller! Start your ATC training with us at one of the regions busiest airport, head over to vatme.net/vacc/OMAE to learn more!

    Well done guys!


    On 7/15/2020 at 11:05 AM, Andreas Fuchs said:

    Nice effort!

    An important thing is to book the ATC station and also include information of your expected logoff-time. Otherwise people like me will think "oh, this ATC has been online for 3 hours already, I bet he'll disconnect soon, I won't bother to actually fly there offline".

    I wholeheartedly agree with this. You will see more areas active.

  10. GMduEtv.png

    Lebanon vACC & Jordan vACC proudly invites you to "Amman - Beirut City link" on June 21st 2020 from 1700Z to 2000Z, where you can fly between the cities to visit prominent landmarks and history of each country.

    Charts are available via Navigraph

    Route (MEA and other callsigns): LOSAR L513 LEBOR

    Hope to see you on the scopes!

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