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  1. Understood. I really like vPilot, coming from FSInn. It really helps me just go do what I like rather than spend downtime setting up model matching for example.
  2. Thank you Ross! I truly appreciate the work being put in vPilot. However, any plans to add it to the client in the future?
  3. (emphasis mine) Okay, since that is covered. If I, for example, want an accurate representation, is it possible to be done? Ex: I'm connected with a WJA and someone connects using C-FITL for example which is 777-300ER for Air Canada. Will I be able to see that specific registration?
  4. Hello there, Is there a way to create model matching rules for a custom VA livery with the new version of vPilot?
  5. Yes I believe that was a false positive. I think to make sure there is a site that allows you to upload them to make sure they're clean. I had it once with FSInn too. Bahaeddine
  6. It seems like the site might be having hiccups. I tried to download the latest version right now and it gave me error 500. Also, vATIS doesn't work very well with non-US airports so I have nothing to say.
  7. Thanks Justin. That is what I thought so too, I have reported it as a false-positive.
  8. Thank you Justin. However when I installed vATIS, my security program said that uninstaller seems to have a virus in it. Not sure if this is true or not. I thought I'd let you know.
  9. Carl, Welcome back! As per Brad's suggestion you can submit a ticket, or send an email to [email protected] and they will help you get active again.
  10. Thank you Don. I forgot to mention that I came across that post saying it was for US airports. However, I find it to be the most realistic ATIS system on VATSIM. Shame it's not going to be developed further.
  11. Lindsey, When it's CAVOK, it does not even say CAVOK at all, and when it's not it skips the visibility.
  12. Update: My problem with vATIS is that it skips the visibility and sky conditions when it's CAVOK.
  13. Josh, Do you mean like create a contraction for it ? What about the visibility?
  14. Hello there, I have been trying vATIS to find out that it doesnt really say "CAVOK" when there is no clouds or the visibility. Bahaeddine
  15. Ross, I usually connect to the USA West server until VATSIM implemented CANADA server. Here are the ping results: Bahaeddine
  16. Yes I have and I tried running it without admin access. No luck
  17. Hello Ross, Here is the exact message I get no matter what server I choose. [23:10:08] Network error: The server has failed to respond to the authentication challenge. [23:10:08] Disconnected from network.
  18. Actually it happened this morning but I cannot really remember the actual phrase. It was something with the server authentication challenge. Bahaeddine
  19. Hello Ross, I have downloaded the latest version of vPilot which is 2.0.8 and when I connect to VATSIM, I find that it disconnects me from the network on a random basis. Sometimes once and sometimes like 2 - 4 times. Windows 7 Home Premium x64 Flight Simulator X Deluxe SP2 (run as admin) vPilot 2.0.8 (running as admin) Thanks for your help, Bahaeddine
  20. Thank you Saad for your kind words, it was a pleasure that I served under you as a VATME Division Director Best of luck to you and VATME as well.
  21. Thank you Justin. CTRL + F seems to work.
  22. Did you create the configuration profiles? Take a look at the docomeentation, there's a section about how to do that. Hello Justin, I have the same issue as above. However I did read the manual, and the "new profile" seems to be gone, which basically affects the ability of using this without a configuration profile. Am I doing something wrong?
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