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  1. Thank you very much William for your feedback and suggestions. I completely agree with your suggestions that you have mentioned and know that if those were done in the VATME division, there would be much more activity here. What you have mentioned are some of the things that we as a division have been attempting to do for years now. I will be completely honest with you here, and I speak for the division (having been both a member and ranking up to Deputy Director of the division): the majority of VATME members are not active/motivated/enthusiastic. We have over 1000 members in our divisio
  2. Hello All, I hope that this message gets to you in best of health. There are few points that I agree with Mattia Torti, hence the reason of quoting his message. Activity in the region is more about events, events, events. Also, another good reasoning why I agree with Mattia, is the more events we do and its fun for all pilots the more the traffic that would come to our events. Another good way of bringing an increase of traffic, which may seem obvious is that never be shy to attend other events hosted by nearby vACCs or heck, even all of them. That way you can introduce yourself and wh
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