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  1. Dave, as a long time member of ZHU, I thank you for your kind words. ZHU has had some great leaders over the past few years including Kevin Copeland, Sean Fox, Michael Hendon, and Chris Stacy. These guys, along with the fantastic controllers and students that make up ZHU, have changed not only Houston, but VATUSA and VATSIM as well. Great work Houston!
  2. Controlling center this morning, had a text pilot call up: ABC123/R: CTR, req. IFR to KABC CTR: ABC123, confirm receive voice? ABC123/R: only if you have a nice one.
  3. Houston Live 2014! Fly into Houston Intercontinental (KIAH) or New Orleans (KMSY) for ZHU's first annual live event! Controllers that are traveling for the event will be staffing up New Orleans, Friday the 13th (2300z-0500z), FNO style! Please, no black cats or broken mirrors during the event!
  4. ZHU did not know that MH370 would be brought up or discussed. The story may have had a negative spin on it and we're all going to have to deal with that. Nothing we can do now. I guarantee that if this had been a story in positive light, none of this discussion would have ever taken place. Excellent points, Ross.
  5. I am not a staff member of the ZHU ARTCC, so these opinions are of my own and do not represent ZHU's. Although this story may have had a bad spin on it, I do not believe Mr. Prevost had anything to do with it. The media now a days is so bias and one sided on all issues, I get the feeling they think we should be scared and worried about every little thing out there regardless of situation. Whether it be 44oz soft drinks, the kind of food we eat, or flight simulation. It is my understanding that the news station was going to run this story regardless if anyone from Houston would meet with th
  6. ZHU's own Reuben Prevost met with KPRC out of Houston yesterday to briefly discuss VATSIM and flight simulators. http://m.click2houston.com/news/local-2-investigates-inhome-flight-simulators/25294034
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