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  1. I also fly quite frequently the flights I do on FSE on VATSIM. Adds another immersion factor.
  2. Dear Faiz-ur, You will see all VATSIM traffic, irrespective of which simulator they are using. This is one of the key benefits of our network, you get to fly with many other people, even though they may be from different countries and using different simulators.
  3. Seems my inbox was full from before the migration. I have removed my messages and PMed you. πŸ™‚
  4. Actually, itβ€˜s a bit more than that even. Pilots may use whatever simulator they have, the VATSIM pilot clients connects them to the same network with everyone. Me flying XPlane and you flying MSFS2020 is absolutely no problem, the clients do the talking between them and the server and back of position reports, altitude, speed, etc. Controllers use a different software for ATC, be it VRC, EuroScope or one of the others. But we connect to the same network as well and the clients do all the talking between each other and the servers. Now where actual TALKING is concerned between p
  5. Did you also check out our German website and forums? We have a mentoring program there for pilots. VATSIM Germany Forum Piloten-Mentoren-Programm
  6. Your ID 1515371 was just issued today. It may take up to 24hrs before you can actually connect to the FSD Servers. Try again this evening or tomorrow morning.
  7. The way I have been instructed, this is only partially true. The instruction to descend to 3000ft is valid as long as you are not established on the localizer. Only once established, you can descend to the published glideslope capture altitude. EDIT: I am just reading up on this in the official controller manual and verifying. Will get back on this.
  8. I also give courses for real life student pilots on radio phraseology and guide them to obtain the German BZF -> radio telephony certification. Your question comes up everytime and by everyone at least once, so here are my 2 cents: 1) What @Andreas Fuchs said. Use short-hand notation whereever possible. There are some guides out there online that give examples, but ultimately you need to find one and adjust it to your purposes, so you know it by heart. Most of them don't differ much and Andreas' example of 32R A1.AT//24 would have been how I denote it as well. 2) Expectations. Y
  9. I'd be the nightmare if every controller πŸ˜„
  10. Which frankly is a bit.... stupid, for a lack of better words, by TVF to use a word like "SOLEIL" in the callsign. Who apart from French-speakers will be able to pronounce that? Have fun with all the different countries and their alterations to "SOUL-EY" "SOLEEEL" "SOL-ISLE" and whatnot πŸ˜›
  11. Commercial or Private Pilot? If private pilot, you can reach out to me. πŸ™‚
  12. Maybe I should have mentioned that this will only work for Germany, as this is the format used in our sector files. Your variant of "EDCM VIA RP ECHO, EN ROUTE TO EDDC" I would certainly expect in the remarks fields (Field 18), but certainly not in the route field. Working ATC I would move this to remarks and replace with "VFR" in route field.
  13. In short, there is the real-world and the vatsim-world way of doing this. Real World, I would enter waypoints as described in Andreas' link in the VFR manual. VATSIM World, you can enter the waypoint as "DC-E" (for EDDC-Echo) in the flightplan, as this is what the sectorfile for the airport will have for that reporting point.
  14. If you are of legal age to drink that is. πŸ˜„ I can see the internet lawyers saying: "The guys on VATSIM told their minor members it's ok to drink beer!"
  15. I have been using vasFMC with FSX and x-Plane, it has some quirks under x-Plane, but certainly workable and allows me to do all I need to do πŸ™‚
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