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  1. Enjoyed the Atlanta event today myself. Only waited maybe 10 minutes in line for the runway outbound (heard some holding 20 mins as I was pushing back, but it cleared by the time I got there). and the ATC was pretty spot on. Flying into or out of busy airports is going to lead to delays. It might be something that's unusual at back of nowhere town airport. But in some parts of the world "Ground hold" "Ground stop" "Number 11 for the runway" and holds are just a thing that happens. (well it did before 2020, and hopefully will again one day). https://www.nj.com/resizer/APJAs39NNRD8U5JL
  2. All gone. I did a livestream on "booking day" showing how fast the bookings went.
  3. If it's just the network dropping out, Don't pause. Just continue with your last instruction and try to reconnect. If you are on final approach, just stay offline till you vacate the runway. If your sim crashes, windows crashes or PC reboots (or doesn't) then there's nothing much to do. ATC will see your target go "COAST" for a few minutes (the radar computer [Mod - Happy Thoughts]umes you are maintaining your last known path/speed/heading/altitude), then after a while, your position on radar/adsb will disappear. If it's a quiet day, they might wonder where you went. On a busy day, they mi
  4. The Vatsim pilot ratings are optional. They bestow no advantage to you as a pilot on the network, other than the joy of learning. The first rating on Vatsim is essentially a course on how to install the vatsim client onto your simulator and connect to the servers. Other than that, it's just a badge to show you like learning. All pilots on the network have the same privileges. Pilots with no ratings at all are indeed permitted to fly a Boeing 747-8 on a trans Atlantic flight (single pilot ops no less!), or hop into a helicopter to transition the cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] Bravo in New York,
  5. Landing on 36L is ... silly. (And there's no taxiway up there, so you'd need to backtrack!
  6. Other than the lack of (new) addons, FS9 runs fine. Though those addon aircraft are part of why people upgrade their sims. PMDG aren't currently selling FS9 products (even their old 747 and 737 aren't on the website anymore)
  7. What'd be the point? It's not like it'd benefit anyone else to know you're not flying online via a precise and exact routing. Filing a flightplan is a method of communicating with Air Traffic Control. It's telling the people who are controlling airspace where you intend to fly. How high, what airways and waypoints, which airports. So filing a flightplan with no intention of actually connecting to the network to fly it, would be a bit like posting on facebook about how you're going to have a huge weekend meeting up with friends and family, going to see a new film, and party all night... but t
  8. The reason nobody answered you on unicom is probably... nobody was there. Not that they didn't hear you, but that they didn't exist.
  9. Easier not to step on people when you hear them when they speak, and not 3 - 5 seconds after they speak.
  10. No need to file it that far in advance. We usually have no gate release flow controllers, Even at big events (Cross the Pond is the one and only exception I'm aware of) and as such, nobody is going to be looking at your flightplan till you do log in. That said, I often like to set up my flightplan the night before, sim running, but vpilot logged out - so I can wake up at silly o'clock am, and get connected and start flying a few minutes after I got out of bed. To do that, I usually get https://cert.vatsim.net/fp/file.php set up so I am just 2 clicks on the "File Flight Plan" button away fro
  11. No idea when this was requested, but a quick squiz at https://skyvector.com/ finds no airways in Ireland (direct routing only) There is 1 waypoint between EICK and EIKN, and a SID that joins it KURUM1P KURUM There are no STARS at EIKN, only approaches http://iaip.iaa.ie/iaip/aip_eikn_charts.htm https://skyvector.com/?ll=53.27682021464817,-8.473754880499607&chart=304&zoom=3&fpl=%20EICK%20KURUM1P%20KURUM%20EIKN I'd plan as follows KURUM1P KURUM CON and maybe without filing the SID DCT KURUM CON DCT
  12. It's the end of School Exams in Australia & It's time to Party. Head up to the Gold Coast for some fun. Routes YSSY - YBCG DCT TESAT H185 ENTRA Y245 BANDA Y43 GREAV DCT CG YBCG - YSSY DCT CG Q53 APAGI H62 CORKY H12 TESAT Sydney for P3D/FSX FlyTampa YSSY Sydney for Xplane ISDG YSSY Sydney Freewware FSX \ P3D Gold Coast P3D/FSX Freeware Gold Coast Payware Orbx FTX Gold Coast Xplane OpenSceneX
  13. Having the ability to switch sound devices quickly would be great. Sometimes I get sweaty ears with my headset on all the time, so during quieter parts of the flight, say - when flying right across an FIR on the straightest airway that ever airway'd, or say crossing the pond, it'd be nice to take the headphones off and put the radio output onto a speaker. Less fatiguing when you aren't wearing something over your ears for hours "just in case" and/or waiting for the inevitable "Contact [next] Centre on 12x.x" in an hour or 2.
  14. When Xplane drops frame rates below some arbitary number, the actual p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]age of the aircraft across the ground track slows down. To the point of being like a reverse time compression effect. We're talking 747's doing Mach 0.86 in a tailwind but actually only progressing 100 nautical miles in an hour... or MD11's having an approach speed of what looks like 80 knots on the scope, even though the pilot's speed readout is showing 152kts.
  15. If 2 aircraft are flying at exactly Mach 0.80000000 and are flying on the same airway and altitude 10 miles apart, they will collide in 3 minutes because one has a 120 mile tailwind and the other does not Luckily, we have radar.
  16. vPilot shows a list of controllers online If I was located at KLAX and logged in to see this: I would scroll down in the left side and see if LAX_DEL or LAX_GND or LAX_TWR were online and tune to one of those, using the radios in the aircraft.
  17. Agree with the points for the oceanic clearance. Firstly, on handover to Moncton, every pilot including those that had been on frequency for 10 minutes were all chomping at the bit to get their oceanic clearance, which seemed annoying. I heard the controller handing off traffic to get their clearance and, using vatsim maps etc checked the callsigns and where they were getting that handover. Seemed to be somewhere up past Nova Scotia toward Newfie, which seemed about right. I got used to hearing the frequency change, "Contact 133.10 for clearance". After a dozen iterations of the same, I pre
  18. And the answer is: To enter Gander, you will need an oceanic clearance, and to enter New York, the Domestic Controller handles everything for you. You will be required to maintain a mach number from the time you are [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned it till you get cleared for a different mach number (don't let the FMS adjust mach based on cost index/weight/altitude)
  19. Another thing to consider is not pausing. Your 'slot' is a piece of airspace that has been sequenced to have you in it. It's like a bubble of space/time around your aircraft that the controller has been trying to keep other aircraft out of (otherwise they get annoying noises and alarms and stuff). That position in space/time has been moving at the speed of your aircraft since you reached cruising altitude/speed. If you pause, it comes to a halt, but the plane behind you doesn't. Soon that aircraft behind you hits your space bubble, but you aren't even online for anyone to notice it happen.
  20. The term "Descend (with/on) the Glide (path/slope)" is only a clearance you will get in the UK/Europe. You won't hear it in the USA, Australia or, as far as I know, other locations.
  21. I was waiting for the slots to open, but because they opened 30 minutes late, I had to go to work. When I checked an hour later, I saw 1 and only 1 flight left from the city pair that had opened about 1 minute beforehand. I thought it was a website loading error on my Samsung phone I was using while pulled up on the side of the road and refreshed and that 1 slot became 0. I think my strategy will be to push back about 30 minutes before first slot and taxi slowly
  22. With Vatsim being upgraded on Monday, this week's Milkrun Monday was cancelled. Now, the Vatsim servers are back online. The radio waves are clearer than ever. It's time to Fly! There are a lot of airports north of Brisbane with a great variety of airspace. Whether you are in Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] C airspace, cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] D airspace, Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] E airspace or even cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] G airspace, it's time to check out some of the new features available on Vatsim. Rockhampton sees a variety of aircraft including Boeing 737, Bombardier Q400, Saab 340
  23. That's a drool worthy sentence.
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