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  1. I agree with your thoughts. Also, I can understand the double frustration of both pilots and atc in regards to newcomers to Vatsim through MSF. Many guides are not valid on MSF because no matter how you try there are several things that you simply cannot do with MSF, and the newbie watching guides may be doubly overwhelmed - both by the complexity of vatsim, and then the complexity layer that comes from MSF not supporting many of the functions.
  2. Thank you for your thoughtful replies. Just to make it perfectly clear, I have no doubt whatsoever that MSF is going to be the industry standard for the next decade. I dont fly much else, and I bring my gimpy MSF onto vatsim to the frustration of many of your controllers Im sure. "Can you do this", "No, afraid not. MSF2020..." "a-ha!" is usually the way that communication goes. I have also used navigraph to update my airac cycles for years. When it becomes available for MSF I am surely going to continue with that. However, If you looked closely in that thread, you will notice that the DE
  3. Ive just sent an email to the adress given in the OP. I hope it is still active. Sent a request for training to vatsim scandinavia a month ago, and got confirmation that they received it but that the waiting times were too long to estimate.
  4. I am pulling my hair out over at Avsim because I'm trying to point out the flaws of MSF' IFR logic, and many people seem to have their rose tinted glasses firmly glued on. I LOVE MSF, and I cant really make myself fly my older sims anymore, but I also love flying on Vatsim. The two are not a particuarly good combination. Ie, I cannot program an approach on the fly in the cockpit without it overwriting my STAR most of the time. That means that I have to program my approach (ie chosing ILS for runway X) as I am on final intercept heading. I cannot go direct to any waypoint that is on the approac
  5. Hi Andreas, and thanks for your reply! I just tried skydemon, and it looks very promising. It had the reporting points for the cities in Norway that I know have them. Do you have any experience with Skydemon for VFR flying on vatsim?
  6. When flying on Vatsim you regularly get directed to fly over a certain reporting point. These points are not readily available, or at least not obvious to me where to find. I cant find them in my navigraph charts, little nav map etc. Actually, many of the smaller airports (size 1, untowered airports) aren't even in the navigraph database. Seems to me that I have to manually search everytime I go to a new country because there is no one sentralized catalogue of these things. Or is there? Do you guys know of a good piece of software that has the vfr charts available? Hopefully that doesnt cost a
  7. Vpilot was working for me and connected me in msfs, BUT the framerates when connected where HORRIBLE! Absolutely unflyable.
  8. I find it stressful to constantly be on voice on vatsim, though I really do enjoy the more professional air of flying on the network. Therefore, I often switch to text only, but the problem is that selcal dings or the ding of vpilot when I get a text message is routed through the headset. I'd like for vpilot to be able to route those dings that announce someone is trying to contact me to my speakers - aka being able to separate those out to a different sound device than what I use to talk.
  9. I'm afraid that is over my competence level My UTLive files are located in c:\UTLive\ folder , and I guess there is some xml file in p3dv4 that takes care of it..?
  10. I mean that the models listed in vpilot does not point to any directory where the utlive models and liveries are actually placed. I guess that is why all the vatsim traffic is showing up as anonymous.
  11. Im running p3d v4. I have UTLive, and that traffic is working fine. I haven't flown on vatsim for a while, but tonight I noticed that all the vatsim traffic was showing up as the standard white CRJ 700 airplane. I dug a little bit deeper and noticed that UTlive was not showing up in my model matching. Vpilot is run as admin. I tried googling this topic but didn't really find anything that helped me.
  12. The problem for me was that I used the WOAI installer without using the migration tool. Doing it like this, the WOAI installer only provides unpackaging, and not installation. The packages got unpacked in the prepar3d\airplanes folder. This isnt a valid folder. In addition to this, the folder name of the unzipped package was uncorrectly named when doing it this way (got the name of the original zip file (which I had changed when downloading it to keep track of version numbers) which made it doubly impossible for vPilot to identify the AI package). So I used the migration tool during insta
  13. Ok it seems I got it to work by my self *proud* I used EMT and installed the packages as normal. It doesnt matter if I get alot of those error messages, it still works ingame. *thumbsup*
  14. Here is my [main] section from prepar3d.cfg: [Main] SimObjectPaths.0=SimObjects\Airplanes SimObjectPaths.1=SimObjects\Rotorcraft SimObjectPaths.2=SimObjects\GroundVehicles SimObjectPaths.3=SimObjects\Boats SimObjectPaths.4=SimObjects\Animals SimObjectPaths.5=SimObjects\Misc SimObjectPaths.6=SimObjects\Submersible SimObjectPaths.7=SimObjects\Weapons SimObjectPaths.8=SimObjects\Countermeasures HideInfoText=1 User Objects=Airplane, Helicopter, Submersible, ExternalSim Location=1601,0,3204,898,\\.\DISPLAY1 Maximized=0 HideMenuNormal=0 HideMenuFullscreen=1 Do I have to man
  15. Ok, this whole thing is probably pretty obvious to everybody else I'm sorry, I'm too used to having installers dealing with everything under the hood so now I'm a bit confused and helpless lol ^^ I bought the migration tool and have virtual fsx activated during WAOI package installation. Now I have the option to point the installation to fsx in the drop down menu. However, I get multiple errors when I install saying something along the lines of: "WoA_AIA_B735v2_LogoLight_CNO-SAS Norge not found!" and I have to click ok. This happens multiple times per package. This leads me to belive tha
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