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  1. Yes I did, my apologies. As a side note, fatigue is a real condition not just a myth lol. Thank you for the correction.
  2. With the advancements of technology I believe you could set something up with a netbook but I'm not sure about a tablet or a phone. However I would also suggest that you look at ACT.net where you can listen to real ATC/pilot conversations. Although most of us use VATSIM as a real world tool there's no substitute for the real thing. Hope that helps.
  3. Hay good luck with the trip it sounds fun.... would you be able to host your support ship for download?
  4. Currently I am all around and un organized for the most part GA in my Mooney or C172, however I am looking to settle down in the future with the purchase of MEL and TTP throttle quadrants I am thinking of some nice regular flights in Alberta with a King Air or Dornier Fairchild; not sure if you are interested in 'moving' your opperations or in the future I may set up something down there I'll keep it in mind but for now I'm on the west coast going to head to Seattle to get my IFR as I am still working my way through MS flight lessons up to commercial and Transport Pilot
  5. You should post a date on items like this, also will you be able to cross the ocean in a cessna? I am also wondering this as I currently just fly GA A/C?!
  6. Right ok I saw that but didn't know how current it was so theree aren't any completed projects yet just two in the works then?! I'll keep an eye out for the final copies they look excellent!!
  7. He doesn't say anything about downloading YWG is this complete? If so how can I get it? Thank you!
  8. Ok so Dep from Winipeg YWG is tentatively set Saturday Dec. 12 at 1200MST (1900Z) for Eastbound towards TO this should bring me in the window of 2300-0300Z opperational times. Estimated 180-200Kts at 15500ft weather dependant leaving me about 6hrs on route VFR but I dont see it taking me that long! I plan to fly ZLA to ZSE SEA TAC tuesday Between 2030Z to 2300Z up the West Coast VFR around 120Kts. Wed Dec 9 SEA TAC to CYYC same window this will be up the coast this might be more like a 4Hr Flt but I will have to step it up a bit and squeeze it in. If I get done in LA on the weeke
  9. Ok so I flew into LA a while back and was going to do my ZLA V1 there but apparently T and Gs arent allowed at the International, who knew?! So I headed up to Santa Barbra and Successfuly completed my V1 there yeah! This week and End of I will stay in the ZLA area and attempt to complete my V2 and V3 if I have time then Next week Head back upto Canada and Fly across to YWG in 2 Hr stages where I will make my final Leg over to YYZ on the 12. Still flying solo hope to see you there!
  10. Thats awsome since this is the only responce I have recieved I will use this product thank you for getting back to me!
  11. Thank you very much that is an excellent resource.I ran my monitor throught the test last night and it did fairly well. Not the greatest monitor but it is good for me. I have been able to get better night image out of it; the responce time is amazing.
  12. Hello I have recently DL'ed SS for easier Shots as recomended on this forum however it requires a registration to be fully funct and continueous use, but I cannot seem to get it reg. all the web links ect go to non displayed pages. Does any one have this and registered it or a simillar product that works really well. Thank you!
  13. Well it would probably take me 8-10 Hrs to fly there, and my last trip took me over that way and didnt have much ATC plus I just installed all new BC Scenery. However I was thinking that it would be tight on time, but I chewed it over durring the drive home and it sounds like a good idea, I have new TO scenery also. I will have to get down to LA for a few days and earn my US VFR LIC then back up to SEA TAC and through BC then over to CYWG for some fuel. So first leg will be KSEA - CZVR - CYWG stop for fuel and some rest Second leg will take me from CYWG - CYYZ I was also go
  14. I am trying to gather as much traffic as I can, there will mostlikely be lots of Commercial Tfc Flying in so I hope to appeal to GA. My tentative plan is to fly in from SEA TAC up the coast VFR on a nice scenic tour to CYVR and join in on the fun hopefully this is enough notice to get some pilots together... Pls Book this in if you can. My Mooney B is currently parked at SEA TAC and I will be flying it around there this upcoming weekend Nov 28 and durring the week I will mostlikely be Flying down to LAX and do some training, then back up. The Sched for Dec 12 is to dep around 2000Z
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