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  1. Hello guys! Is there any way to configure the CSL parameters? I'm testing the blue bell and the X-CSL. The other traffic appears, however some airlines are not recognized, and the texture of the aircraft exists in the CSL folder. For example in this photo, we have aircraft with factory paint https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/707387006019436544/726876062193287288/unknown.png
  2. Hello James. welcome to the amazing world of simulation.🙃 I cannot confirm that all the information is 100% correct, but I checked and many of that list are correct. List with ICAO code and airline name https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_airline_codes Flight numbers can be checked at Fr24 or flightaware for example.
  3. Souds nice! Good luck and hope full skies at this event!
  4. Dear vatsim friends. After 11 years of vatsim, I made the decision to go around the world with the cessna 172. I believe this will be the biggest and most fun challenge I have had so far on virtual flights. I will use this topic to keep information on flights and dates up to date and I would like to take this opportunity to invite everyone who wants to participate in this great adventure. All flights will be streamed online through my channel on twitch, so you can follow us by watching as well. I am Brazilian and my main language is Portuguese, but everyone who communicates in English will be very welcome and I will give due attention like everyone else. Now I’ll use some of this space for Brazilian readers Caros amigos da Vatsim. Após 11 anos de meu cadastro nesta rede, tomei a decisão de dar a volta ao mundo com o cessna 172. Acredito que este será o maior e mais divertido desafio que tive até agora em voos virtuais. Não poderia haver melhor momento, devido à quarentena que muitos países estão enfrentando devido ao surto de Covid-19. Usarei este tópico para manter atualizadas as informações de voos e datas e gostaria de aproveitar esta oportunidade para convidar todos que desejam participar dessa grande aventura. Todos os voos serão transmitidos on-line através do meu canal da twitch, para que você possa nos acompanhar assistindo também. First Flight / Primeiro Voo June 13 at 20 Zulu / 17 Brazilian time Flight Informations / Informações dos Voos Distance: Something around 27.000/more Nm Aircraft: Default X-Plane 11 C172 Scenery: All default, except in Brazil and a few other exceptions Livery: I used a texture available on the internet and made some edits. I leave here the credits of the creator of the original texture HERE Planning: I used the sky vector to carry out the flight planning. I hope they are all on x-plane 11 =D Range: According to the C172 manual = Range at 10,000 Feet, 45% Power ............. Range - 638 NM I will try to make at least 2 flights a day. The real intention is to make this challenge as fast and continuous as possible Twitch: HERE SBJR Jacarepaguá - SBPS Porto Seguro June 13 at 20 Zulu / 17 Brazilian time SBPS Porto Seguro - SBSV Salvador SBSV Salvador - SBPL Petrolina SBPL Petrolina - SBTE Teresina SBTE Teresina - SBSL São Luís SBSL São Luís - SBMQ Macapá SBMQ Macapá - SOCA Cayenne SOCA Cayenne - SYCJ Cheddi Jagan SYCJ Cheddi Jagan - SYMB Mabaruma SYMB Mabaruma - TFFF Martinique Aime Cesaire TFFF Martinique Aime Cesaire - TNCM Princess Juliana TNCM - MDPC MDPC - MUHG MUHG - MUVR MUVR - KMCO KMCO - KMOB KMOB - KDFW KDFW - KCVS KCVS - KGCN KGCN - KBIH KBIH - KLMT KLMT KSEA KSEA CBBC CBBC PAKW PAKW PAYA PAYA PAHO PAHO PAOU PAOU PADU PADU PADK PADK PAAT(PATU at XP11) (PATU at XP11)PAAT UHPP UHPP UHMM UHMM UHOO UHOO UEEE UEEE UERR UERR UIBB UIBB UNAA UNAA UASS UASS UACC UACC UAUU UAUU UWOO UWOO UWSG UWSG UUOB UUOB UKOO UKOO LTAP LTAP OLBA OLBA HECA HECA HEMM HEMM LGSA LGSA LMML LMML DABB DABB LEPA LEPA LFBO LFBO LFPG LFPG EGCC EGCC EGPM EGPM EKVG EKVG BIKF BIKF BGKK BGKK BGBW BGBW CYHO CYHO CYHR CYHR CYBC CYBC KPBG KPBG KIAD KIAD KNBC KNBC KMIA KMIA MUCU MUCU MTPP MTPP TNCA TNCA SVPA SVPA SBBV SBBV SBSN SBSN SBIH SBIH SBMA SBMA SBPJ SBPJ SBBR SBBR SBCF SBCF SBJR
  5. Thank you for your reply! I will post my results soon as possible!
  6. Hello friends. I trying to set the colors of my euroscope a litle better, but I stuck in some parts. I see this amazing scope at Post your scope topic. But i can not change all colors that I want. In this image, for example,is a diferent color for aircraft callsing and aircraft flight level. I see that some things are in differents positions as well. In euroscope I only can change the aircraft colors if is assume, or non concerned, for example. I need some plugin for reach this level of changing colors? Thank you guys!
  7. this is huge. congrats to everyone! Very good to see uptimes like this ones
  8. You can use swift pilot client. When Vulkan comes out, I think you dont have this problem anymore. On beta 3 I have gained more than 20 Fps
  9. Swift pilot client, for Xplane, dont require a minimum Frame rate. I am using and you dont be kickid. For me works fine. Hope help you as well
  10. Good to see Rio de janeiro bring almost 99% of uptime. Amazing! 💪
  11. Works, but on xpilot. At Xsquawkbox, still same problem...
  12. Hi Thanx for reply I will try and give a feedback later. Can i use this comands for xsquawkbox, stand alone client or only for xpilot?
  13. Dear friends, take a look with this situation. I am a Xplane user (stem and with last update). The last time I made a flight is before the new audio upgrade. Iam already read some manuals and search here on forums, but without sucess to find a sulotion ,so, here we go. I have instaled the last version of Xsquawkbox, I can connect without problems to the vatsim servers, but, when I go to anyone atc frequency, i cant hear anyone, and the atc and another pilots cant hear me as well. Steps that I try: - reinstall xsquawkbox -Install beta version of the xsquawkbox - Use xpilot (I can only have more than 20fps in climb, cruise and descent, so this last one att. Just kill me) anyway, i connect with the xpilot and its seems i have the same problem with xsquawkbox. - I have installed the Stand alone audio and try to use with xsquawkbox, but, again, without sucess. I really dont know what to try anymore, and is very disappointing to me fly only by text. Any sugestion to solve this? Pc specs 8 GB Ram ddr4 Ryzen 5 1600 Rx 550 4gb Xplane steam And all vatsim apps that i use are the last ones.
  14. Did you install CSL? In the past I 'am have some problems because I remove the default traffic from XP11... https://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?f=109&t=77463&p=528681#p528681
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