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  1. Hi Alexander Yes i agree that is the only option left to study how to repaint it shouldn't be that hard after making the scenery...hehe and yes it must be fun..Yes finally the area of Horn of Africa is active... I never knew you were running a VA we should team up as soon as my VA is running and up.. Best Regards, Ramadan
  2. Hey Semir, True i agree that is why i ask repainters whether they own similar type before proceeding repainting...
  3. Hi Sava, Thank you very much for your quick reply I will check them out hehe i know those forum requests i have done quiet some and they usually don't reply the repaint im after is not interesting to many... Are you familiar with repaints ? Could you be partners with VA's who are running VAFS if you run phpVMS ? Thanks Ramadan
  4. Hey sorry for late reply i haven't checked my posts recently What i have done is i went into the installed drivers of my videocard and i have seen that it has changed since i have added the additional RAM so i changed my settings to better settings, All my settings were at low so i needed just to raise them to high... I hope this helps it certainly did with me... Regards, Ramadan
  5. Hello, I'm busy with setting up my VA however im totally new to this environment i have been into Scenery development and made Mogadishu realistically and now the only thing left is to create Somali Airlines VA flying from Mogadishu to the rest of the world... I'm already active flying throughout the world with my PMDG MD-11F from Malaysia to Brazil...just flying cargo not yet P[Mod - Happy Thoughts]engers with D-level 767. But my worry is that this VA would only exist out of one person which is me only and the long search for repainters is a tough job i haven't yet suceeded in.
  6. Its resolved thanks i found out that you have to reset your Graphic card i did it and it resolved Thank you all !!
  7. Thanks for the very fast reply, However i have done the suggestions both and ended up still with blurry textures. The link made a new FSX.cfg first which resolved the issue but then all airports were all blue and flickering so still same problem. I don't know what the problem seems to be ? PS: Charan I can send you my PC Specs and you could make a FSX.cfg for me ?
  8. I run Win7 64Bit 8GB Ram 1000GB Hard Disk i5/2500k Processor HD 6850 It was running fine before i just had this weird blurries after i added 4GB extra
  9. Dear Flightsimmers, I have had 4GB of RAM al ready and i decided to top up my RAM with a additional 4GB resulting in a total of 8GB of RAM However after this procedure i have noticed that everything seems a bit blurry ranging from text next to buttons inside the cockpit to the terminal buildings and offco[Mod - Happy Thoughts] sceneries and ground textures. The clouds are also very blurry.. So what did i do wrong here ? What should i do guys im getting fed up really i can't enjoy the 8GB fully with blurries throughout my FSX Regards, RA
  10. Thanks for the links i allready once posted this plea on Fsdeveloper nothing came out of it... Try and see Aussiex.org link if they might help me.. Still anyone here on VATSIM with scenery building experience please contact me..
  11. Hi, I would like to develop a scenery for almost now 5 years or more and i just simply don't have the resources and skills but i do have loads of information and videos. I am planning to make a scenery for Mogadishu Airport I have allready named it Mogadishu X PLEASE ANYONE WHO IS WILLING ????
  12. Or Aerosoft of Spanish Airports such -Barcelona -Madrid and any other i couldnt find them thanks
  13. Hey follow pilots i would like to know where to download aerosoft nice that works or any other nice aerosoft software thanks
  14. sure NL2000 is very good freeware quality it has the best scenery on the internet for The Netherlands. Furthermore i cant do this event its illigal so sorry everyone
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